Foxtel has announced it has bolstered its exclusive offering of the best in drama by extending its output agreement with HBO. The agreement sees Foxtel offering exclusive access to all first run programs by HBO including films, miniseries, seasons of series, comedy specials and documentaries as well as Anytime (On Demand) access to complete seasons of library drama and complete past seasons of returning drama series.

The deal ensures showcase, the Home of HBO will continue to bring subscribers a host of HBO content including Game of Thrones, True Detective, Girls, The Leftovers, Looking and many others. Furthermore, the new agreement with HBO comes just as Foxtel is preparing to launch its new BoxSets Channel, which will take advantage of the availability of HBO’s catalogue to fill its content library. Continue reading »

Foxtel and Network Ten announced today they have jointly commissioned a new Australian production, Gogglebox – a show about people watching television.

To be screened on Foxtel’s The LifeStyle Channel and Network Ten in 2015, Gogglebox is the first jointly commissioned series between the two broadcasters and will be produced by Shine Australia.

Based on the U.K. smash hit, Gogglebox is a weekly observational series which captures the reactions of ordinary Australians as they watch the nightly news, argue over politics, cheer their favourite sporting teams and digest current affairs and documentaries. Twelve households will be chosen and then rigged with special, locked off cameras to capture every unpredictable moment. Continue reading »


Last night at the Foxtel-MCN 2015 Upfront presentation, subscription televison broadcaster Foxtel unveiled its highly-anticipated line up of new and returing programming for 2015 and discussed its recently announced plans to broaden access to its subscription services to Australians everywhere. The event took place at the Sydney Theatre and was attended by the stars behind Foxtel’s favourite shows and a few new faces set to take to the Foxtel screen.

Foxtel Chief Executive Richard Freudenstein reflected on the past year highlighting the massive achievements that have taken place over the past 12 months including the completion of the Austar merger, improved content deals, new technology platforms and the launch of Foxtel’s new pricing and packaging, which is set to kick off in a matter of days. Continue reading »

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Here’s the list of TV people with birthday’s today. Continue reading »

ABCProgram highlights for week commencing November 16th include the season final for Happy Valley and the new three part mini series debut of Cilla. ABC will also present its much hyped Countdown special. You can also catch all new episodes of Australian Story, Four Corners, Media Watch, Q&A, Kitchen Cabinet, At the Movies, Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell, The Chaser’s Media Circus, Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery, Black Comedy, Catalyst, Upper Middle Bogan, It’s a Date, The Midwives and Scott & Bailey.

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sbsProgram highlights for week commencing November 16th include a brand new Australian observational series presented by Ray Martin called First Contact, which will air over three big nights. Other highlights include a new 3 part documentary series, Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design, a brand new series called, The Real Man’s Road Trip and the final episode of Wild Thailand. There is a new series called London’s Super Tunnel and comedy, Green Room With Paul Provenza. You can also catch all new episodes of Treasures of Ancient Rome, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Salamander, Dateline, Insight, plus live A-League action in all markets.

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downloadNine has made some last minute programming changes for next week. On Sunday night (November 2nd), Nine will now air a double episode of Gotham from 8:30pm. On Tuesday night (Nov 4th) Nine will move Big Brother to 8:30pm, meaning David Attenborough’s Life will air on a different night that week (it was off Wednesday anyway due to cricket). It is good news for Arrow fans too with a new episode now back in the schedule.

Sunday November 2nd

6:30 The Embassy (ep 3)
7:30 60 Minutes
8:30 Gotham (ep 5 and 6 of 13 in season 1)
10:30 Movie – Demolition Man (repeat)

Tuesday November 4th

7:30 David Attenborough’s Life (ep 7 of 10 in season 1)
8:30 Big Brother
10:40 Arrow (ep 21 of 23 in season 2)
Note: Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth will screen episode 20
11:40 Sullivan and Son (ep 5 of 10 in season 2)
12:05 20/20 (broadcast in America on October 31st)