Where are they Now? Australian Newsreaders!, Sunday May 20

Episode 10
Sunday May 20
6:30pm (PG)

Tonight on WHERE ARE THEY NOW, Australia’s best loved newsreaders are reunited; Mel and Kochie track down the red-headed cutie from the hit 80s film Annie; and a boyband megastar is the mystery guest.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW reunites some of Australia’s best known and loved newsreaders. JAMES DIBBLE, ROGER CLIMPSON, DAVID JOHNSTON, RICHARD MORECROFT, KATRINA LEE, JENNIFER KEYTE and Australia’s first female newsreader MARGARET THROSBY look back on the biggest news stories of their careers.

AILEEN QUINN melted everyone’s hearts as little orphan Annie in the hit film of the same name. The curly red-headed actress was chosen to play the part from 8,000 girls. The movie was a world-wide smash in 1981 but whatever happened to Aileen? Find out tonight.

In 2005 Australia had its own real life version of Alfred Hitchcock’s frightening thriller The Birds when hundreds of startled seagulls swarmed MELBOURNE’S SANDOWN RACE TRACK. The feathered track invasion threw the race into chaos causing five jockeys to fall from their horses. Two were left hospitalised and all were seriously shaken as stewards later declared the race void. Tonight some of the jockeys look back on that terrifying race.

Tonight’s MYSTERY GUEST is the youngest member of one of the biggest boy bands of the 80s and 90s. He’s all grown up now but can you guess who he is?

Hosted by MELISSA DOYLE and DAVID KOCH, WHERE ARE THEY NOW takes viewers on an entertaining trip down memory lane. The popular Sunrise duo take a fun and nostalgic look at some of the most memorable TV shows, musicians, movies, sports people and news events in history.

PLEASE NOTE: Preview discs for this episode were sent out a couple of weeks ago for the eps original on-air date of May 6

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