Top ten perform disco

This week it’s disco on Australian Idol. How big is that mirror ball?

Our four dancing drama queens are here. Mr Mark Holden, Marcia Hines, Ian “Dicko” Dickson and Kyle Sandilands.

Hopefully tonight we’ll get to hear more decent performances than bad like last week.

First up tonight is

Tarisai Vushe is going to prove to Mark Holden that she doesn’t have to go to disco school with Donna Summer - Endless Summer - Donna Summer's Greatest Hits - Hot Stuff Hot Stuff
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Tarisai has a great voice. Really suited her and she had so much fun. Mark asks if Miss Tarisai is trying to bring sexy back. He thought she still sang it like a ballad though. Dicko says disco is foreplay and when Domma Summer wrote it she wasn’t ordering in curry. Marcia admits it was a bad show last week but she’s burnt up the floor from the start this week. Kyle thought it was very sexy and wants to see more from her and explode out of the show.

Ben McKenzie wasn’t even born when disco was massive. He’s singing
Michael Jackson - Off the Wall (Remastered) - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

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How good is Ben McKenzie? Seriously, the boy can sing. Certainly more comfortable than he was in rock week. Dicko tells Ben that it’s true, last week he didn’t cover himself in glory but tonight, all is forgiven. Marcia says she couldn’t have been more proud of him. Kyle always knew he was good but that was dynamite. Mark says the touchdown is getting close.

Mark Da Costa is bringing some disco rock n roll with Tina Turner’s Ike & Tina Turner - Ike & Tina: All the Hits - Nutbush City Limits Nutbush City Limits
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Three contestants, three great performances. Gone are the horrendous memories of last week. This week the show has kicked off with a bang! The heat is really on tonight. Marcia hates to stop their applause because he deserves it. Kyle thought it was a woman’s song but he owned it. Mark just wants to hollar like a chimpanzee. He says he’s going to be there for weeks but wants to see some versatility. Dicko agrees he’s one of the better performers but he wants to see something a little more sensual. Mark says if he’s here next week then he has something a little different.

Lana Krost hates disco and is doing Moloko’s Moloko - All Back to the Mine - Sing It Back (Mousse T's Feel Love Mix) Sing It Back
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I think you can really hear the musical theatre in Lana’s voice tonight. I never liked this song originally and as much as I like Lana, that just didn’t do it for me at all. Kyle thinks she looks a million bucks but it was a little boring and he wants to see screen smashing. Mark says that she said she didn’t know anything about disco and it showed. He then asks if she would be more comfortable going home to concentrate on her HSC’s. Dicko thinks that that was the most believable performance that she’s done and thought it was a good song choice and tells her to fake it till she makes it. Marcia thought she executed it rather well.

Jacob Butler is once again getting into the theme with Jamiroquai - High Times - Singles 1992-2006 - Canned Heat Canned Heat.
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Is it just me or does Jacob come across as incredibly amateurish? Mark thinks that when he watches it back he’ll know it wasn’t his best performance and that fear is back in his eyes. Dicko agrees and thinks it was a little low on quality with a little dad dancing. Marcia doesn’t get what they’re talking about as she dug it. Kyle thought it was like a rehearsal for the real thing.

Marty Simpson doesn’t want to find himself in the bottom three again this week and hopes Hot Chocolate - Every 1's a Winner - The Very Best of Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing You Sexy Thing is going to keep him safe.
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Did anyone else notice how flat the show suddenly feels? Talk about a snore fest. Next, next, next. Dicko is prepared to suspend belief in reggae on disco night but every week he’s finding himself making excuses for his performances. Marcia thought it was a very clever thing for him. Kyle really enjoyed the way he did that song and cool. Mark wants whatever Kyle is on. He says he was half a tone too low and the song was too slow.

Daniel Mifsud is a little worried about doing some Rolling Stones for disco week with The Rolling Stones - Some Girls - Miss You Miss You
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I actually like this song choice for Daniel. I think Daniel may have just pulled the show back on track after the last couple of performances. Marcia knew he enjoyed it. Kyle said he ticked all the boxes but he didn’t really care and didn’t make any connection with his performance. Mark just likes him and says he seems to have an inner light that not many people have. He’s crooning a bit and his midrange is weak and he needs to get some warmth in it. Dicko thought it was inspired, committed, serious but sexy and if disco is foreplay then there are going to be a lot of women a little hot under the collar.

Carl Risely wants to prove to Australia that he can do more than just swing with Earth, Wind & Fire - Earth Wind & Fire: Greatest Hits (Remastered) - September September
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How much better is Carl this week?! Great song choice and really well performed. Perhaps it’s just because he sucked so bad last week. His falsetto isn’t too strong but it’s a great effort to pull himself back into the competition. The crowd loved him! Kyle thought that even though he looked like Mark Holden at the ARIA’s the sailor is back. Mark thanks him for honoring the genre this week but says he’s straining his high register and to work with Erina on it for next week. Dicko says he was so glad he did that straight and thought it was his best performance. He does wonder if he’s made a deal with devil though to scat in every song and wants to put on some platform shoes and give him a kick. Marcia was so glad he did that song and thought he did a great job.

Matt Corby is hoping to not be so stiff this week with Earth, Wind & Fire - Earth, Wind & Fire: Greatest Hits - Got to Get You Into My Life Got to Get You Into My Life
Call 1902 55 55 69
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Matt is fantastic tonight. He’s made a great song choice and is executing it perfectly. Is it really any wonder why the little girlies love him so much? How long is that applause going to last? Mark gives him a touchdown. Dicko says he was just brilliant. Marcia loved the song, the big notes and the lack of fear. Kyle says he’d pay money to see that and that that is exactly how to win Australian Idol.

Natalie Gauci doesn’t want to be too relaxed with tonights song choice as she regularly sings GLORIA GAYNOR - I Will Survive - the Very Best of Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive I Will Survive
Call 1902 55 55 70
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Natalie starts the song almost identically as she did last week with a slow, percussion-less intro and once the rhythm kicks in, the build up doesn’t really feel worth it. Dicko says she’s emerging with some real star quality and says it’s a big ticko from Dicko. Marcia is thankful she’s showed the girl she is. Kyle says some night’s she’s looked like a dingo but tonight she looks hot. Mark thinks she has enormous potential but she changed things up a little and wished she’d kept things straight. He adds that the different between ordinary and extraordinary is that little bit extra and thinks that she’ll get there but just not tonight.

What a major improvement on last weeks show! My bottom three, Jacob Butler, Marty Simpson and Natalie Gauci. Going home? Marty or Jacob.

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  • Anonymous

    ur fucking shit throng, carl risely is the best

  • Anonymous

    didn’t they say Carl was good this week but bad last week?

  • ausglo

    I missed the show tonight 24 Sept. Who left???????

  • Anonymous

    lana deserved to go she sucks at singing real bad i love mark decosta he is the absolute best it is awesome yo have some rock back!!!

  • Dee

    I went to school with Mark De Costa through out High School here in Mascot, Sydney (JJ Cahill Memorial HS). Credit goes out to the guy he really has changed his image from when he was a Teen.

    He use to just either play soccer or spend his time crying (yes true) when someone picked on him for being a ‘Pretty Boy’.

    I always thought he was a good bloke, and good to see that he is having a go and making something of himself.

    good luck mate.

  • rach

    mark was easily the best competitor in the competition yet he left last week.
    i am refusing to watch idol after that ridiculous result.
    he was the ONLY good thing about idol.