April 27 2008

Sunday, April 27 at 7.30pm on Channel Nine

The Bug Man

They’re ugly, they sting and they bite. Prime candidates for a good squirt of Mortein, or the heel of a size 12 boot. That’s what Liam Bartlett used to think about creepy crawlies like funnel webs, scorpions and centipedes. But not any more, not since he met the Bug Man. His name is Ruud Kleinpaste, and he just loves dangerous creatures, the deadlier the better.

As far as he’s concerned, bugs rule the world, they’re the key to 21st century medicine. Everything from painkillers to a cure for cancer, nothing’s impossible. And for Ruud, Australia is the happiest hunting ground of all. Just don’t stand too close when he starts digging around.

Brand Beckham

They’re probably the most famous couple on earth. Just mention Posh and Becks and the paparazzi goes crazy. As the old song says, every move they make, every breath they take, we’ll be watching them. And now the footballer and a former pop star have conquered America.

Last year, young David signed with Los Angeles Galaxy for a rumoured $250 million. And for that he’s expected to win games, win fans and make soccer a major spectator sport in the US. A big ask but as Anderson Cooper reports, Beckham’s a billion dollar brand name. The man and the body can sell just about anything.

The Anzac Kids

These days, we’re obsessed with the new. Everything’s bigger, better, brighter than ever.

So it’s a comfort to know that one tradition endures. That the spirit of Anzac lives on. And nowhere is it more robust than in Goondiwindi, western Queensland where the kids have found a unique way to honour the fallen. They scoured the archives, researching the lives of the young men from the district who went off to fight and die in the First World War. Then set out on an emotional pilgrimage to France and Belgium, following in the Anzacs’ footsteps.

A new generation of Australians remembering the old.

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