Demelza Reveley

Age: 16 (19/09/91)
Lives: Wollongong, NSW
Height: 178cm
Weight: 60kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Personal: At just 16 years of age, Demelza is the ‘baby’ of the house. She is in year 11 this year, and has taken her school work with her, studying at the house in between challenges and photo shoots. Her parents are very supportive of her entering the house despite her age and the fact she will be missing school.

Demelza loves acting, and has been studying speech and drama for about 11 years. Happiness is the most important thing in the world, she gets embarrassed by her mum and dad, and she exercises every week and maintains a healthy diet to stay in shape. Demelza Reveley - Australia's Next Top Model 2008 contestant Demelza describes herself as entertaining, generous and ambitious.

Modelling/Fashion: Demelza has no formal modelling experience, but says she brings her absolute commitment and a winning smile to AUSTRALIA’S NEXT TOP MODEL.

Her perfect day is waking up after she’s won the competition and realising it’s not a dream. Demelza loves all the fashion magazines, and in particular US Vogue editor Anna Wintour is her hero. Demelza believes that fashion allows her to express her individuality and sense of style. She doesn’t follow trends, but prefers to wear what makes her feel good, and says her style is eclectic.

Likes: old movies; French pop, jazz, alternative roots; her face, particularly her eyes and eyebrows; loves that she’s not a jealous person
Hates: needles and creepy crawlies; the dark; her butt and thighs; that she can get overly excited and she can get annoying, selfish, egotistical and judgmental.

Life motto: ‘Don’t be a bitch’

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  • Anonymous

    hope she wins!

  • Demelza’s Numba 1 Fan… A.K.A. Sarahhh

    HEy All,
    Demelza is a champ,
    im pretti sure that she will take out the title of ANTM this yr.
    im her numba one fan :D
    add me!!

    peace out :D

  • Loza

    Demelza goes 2 my school & she rocks! I hope she wins!

  • Anonymous

    Dunno,, BE NICER!!! wot you give you get back. you get punished and awarded. wot eva..

  • Alex Perry

    She will not win… I will do everything in my power to stop her.

  • Anonymous

    Demelza is a disgusting, resentful, little troll, bullying and intimidation will not get you anywhere in life!

    If you read this, Demelza (or De-mole-za)I hope you are remorseful because you have ruined all your chances at getting the public votes (if you make the finals) and probably even your modeling career, as many in the industry would never want to work with such an insecure and hateful being.

    I hope you and your posse “Dapto dogs” and Jaime and Sam (I would have thought 20 – something year olds would never participate in such revolting behaviour) gets what’s coming to you.

  • her old french class

    bonne chance
    hey melza good luck missin u heaps
    hope u go well

  • She is a btich

    ‘life moto’ dont be a bitch, oh too late you already are one!

    spiteful little bitch, you will never win so go fuck yourself and leave the lovely alamela alone. Shes 1000x better model than your fake boring arse!

  • Kate

    Horrible little cow. Kick her out!!

    Most spiteful bully on tv, hope your happy with that title coz you have well and truly earnt it.

  • Sare Bear

    I use to think demelza was nice, but now im not to sure.
    i think she went way to far with the bullying. but she’ll get what she deserves.
    but i still like her :D

  • Anonymous

    I watched the show last night and was appalled by the physical abuse suffered by Alamela. I found the scenes very disturbing, the attacks were so horrible that I too cried with Alamela. Ironically Demelza was a victim of bullying herself.

    These bullying brat-packs should have been taught a lesson and kicked off the show.

  • Anonymous

    What a bitch. For someone who has been bully to then bully someone else is just wrong. She knew how it felt to get bully now she inflicts that sort of pain onto someone else cause ‘their different’. She has ALOT of growing up to do and IF she wins Australia’s Next top Model l dare say they will loss ALOT of views, and what does it say about the show if they want a spiteful girl like her respecting Australia.
    They should have been kicked out! shows already the morals of the show!
    Remember beauty is on the inside, and that is def something she DOESNT have!

  • Anonymous

    You’re a horrible bitch. Guess what! You’ve got 90% of the views hating you right now. Maybe it’ll make you realise how awful you make that poor girl feel. You’re not the ‘bitch’ of the house. The ‘bitch’ is funny and even a little bit likable. You are just revolting. THere is nothing charming or interesting about you. Look at Caris, look at Alamela, look at Leiden… they belong. They would suit the dream they are after because they bring something to the fashion world that is different and breathtaking. You are nothing. You are the girl at the beach, wearing the bikini despite the cellulite, who bitches while her friends laugh behind her back. Get the f* off your high horse and go freaking smack yurself.

  • Dee


  • Anonymous

    Once again reality TV hits the public and gets the reaction it wants. Do you really think you can make judgements on everything you saw. Don’t you all think that there were lots of other things that went on in that house that you didn’t get to see. Wake up – this is reality TV and they show you what they want you to see – words are cut mid sentence to get the reactions that you are all giving and this is why you will keep watching. The modeling world is tuff – life is full of bitches and I think they are all playing the game for TV and to get what they want.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care if they ‘omitted’ alamela stepping on a puppy, what Demelza did was awful. You need to wake up and realise that your psycho-babble ‘i’m better than you all because i can parrot some stuff about tv being pretend and therefore makes their actions ok’; which you cannot POSSIBLY believe. If you do however, then i’m assuming you’re one of the assholes that bullies people for their own game, like our resident turd, Demelza.

    Ps – I like demoleza better.

  • Anonymous

    Demelza, Alyce, Rebecca, Sam and Jamie..yeah charlotte was right, they’re all DUMB!! Only immature idiots act like these girls. Only idiots will follow a 16 year olds cruel bullying like that. I cant believe noone stood up for Alamala. Rebecca cant model, Sam is boring and think shes better than everyone else, Jamie is just a tag along. Demelza and Alyce are such good models but I dont know why the act like that. If this was Americas NTM Sam would have been out already, even Jamie. Too boring. Bel should have stayed. They should have been kicked off the show..Rebecca and Demelza..and Rebecca stop giving that serious nervous blank stare you always portray during elimations cos it makes u look dosile…

    Be strong Alamela, F*** them who cares..turn the other cheek cos it pisses them off rebecca off, shes like a kid waiting to be spoon-fed during shoots..

  • Anonymous

    You are a filthy horrible little bitch Demelza!

    Let me tell you right now you are not going to get anywhere in this world!


  • Anonymous

    demelza is a common looking, overweight bully. I can’t even watch that show after last night. They should have thrown her out for that kind of abuse. Her justification for it was that alamela was different, sweet, yep well that makes it ok. She obviously thinks shes pretty fucking great, she’s not attractive and speaks like shes intellectually challanged. I hope she feels like shit knowing that most of australia is aware that she is a horrible person. good luck ever getting a job you cruel, mean bitch

  • Taste of your own medicine

    What a REVOLTING person Demelza is. Her name and personality reminds me of Drusilla – one of Cinderella’s ugly step-sisters.

  • Anonymous

    Shame she has acted in such a petty, catty and embarrassing way. She has only damaged her own chances and obviously is insecure within herself and with her look, as someone who is truly confident as she has professed to being would never be so derogatory to someone else, who doesnt deserve any of the treatment.
    Sucks for her because besides her butt, she is the prettiest and most diverse one in the house.
    Rebecca, Alyce and Demelza – realize how immature you girls are and grow up!

  • Anonymous

    You have a lot of growing up to do little girl.

  • dudekeller

    Bitch shut up the fuck up and leave alamela alone, youll get what you deserve.

    Stop being lazy and loose the weight off your thighs, theres a solution to your boredom instead of picking on the poor girl. You Should of been kicked out on the last episode, how your still there god only knows.

    Australia doesnt take kindly to bullies, peace.

  • Anonymous

    demelza is a bitch, she deserves to die!!!

  • Anonymous

    You have really fucked up your chances now, no one wants you to win now. Karmas a bitch and so are you!

  • Anonymous

    i agree with you, demelza deserve to be eliminated and she doesn’t deserve to be in the fashion industry ever again in her life

  • Anonymous

    ”Once again reality TV hits the public and gets the reaction it wants. Do you really think you can make judgements on everything you saw. Don’t you all think that there were lots of other things that went on in that house that you didn’t get to see. Wake up – this is reality TV and they show you what they want you to see – words are cut mid sentence to get the reactions that you are all giving and this is why you will keep watching. The modeling world is tuff – life is full of bitches and I think they are all playing the game for TV and to get what they want.”

    Whoever said this is just as bad as demelza, noone forced her to throw water over her head or constantly wind demelza up, this was all in one week. You obviously condone this bitch so i pity you- you must be her MUM or DAD trying some DAMAGE LIMITATION! well its too late, shes made her bed and she can now lie in it.

    The modeling industry is bitchy but i doubt there is often bullying to this extent, the poor girl is trapped in a house with them, she cant escape- its like school she has no choice to put up with it. If someone is a bitch to me as an adult i have a choice to not be around them thats the difference. What message is this sending to kids?

  • CanberraGuy

    Don’t worry honey you got much love in Canberra

  • Anonymous

    Life Motto: “Dont be a Bitch”, maybe you should come up with a new one ;)

  • Anonymous

    This girl is one nasty so and so, when looking at the footage on Kerri-Ann this morning I was appalled Demelza’a disgusting behaviour. For behaviour that appalling she should have been scrapped from the show… Her motto is not ‘to be a bitch’….. What crap, she has definitely ruined all chances of taking out this competetion because someone who is this pathetic and nasty deserves no happiness…. Why haven’t the judges done more about it?…..

  • Anonymous

    Disgusting…. She doesnt deserve to be there.

  • Anonymous


  • demelza sucks shit

    oh gosh i just watched a video of her n it makes me wonder how could someone possibly be a bitch as such! who cares how she looks, her inner fugliness really shows up and everyone knows it.


  • Anonymous


  • darls

    as a wollongong girl like demelza, i objectively just want to ask – why is everyone so quick to point the finger and say this was nothing but bullying?
    i feel sorry for alamela but lets face it she is weird. noones expecting her to join the ‘bitch group’ but she acts as ridiculous as demelza or any one else. what demelza did was not bullying. it was in part being a brat and probably retaliation for alamelas own off the camera behaviour. she didn’t throw that water bomb for nothing – you’d be pretty braindead female to think it was just a plain vicious thing to do.
    and anyway – they’re on a cut throat show – from the very fake but hideously ‘looked up’ to jodie meahrs n alex perry – i think there justice to what they judges pretend to act like and say: that this is infact an insanely difficult industry to get into and strive in so while bullying must not be tolerated – perhaps the editors of “Australias next top model” shouldn’t have characterised wk4′s show to be such a scandalous epi WHICH IT WASN’T.
    because of this ratings rubish, the reputation of a beautiful, savvy girl like demelza is ruined. a shame because shes learning and developing into a fine model everyweek – just as alamela or anyone else in the house is.

  • Anonymous

    I AGREE!!

    leave demelza alone u stupid farktards

    and wtf? shes overweight? – what THE heck is that?????????????

    shes the most normal weight in the house.

    noone wants some anorexic, underweight chick.

    alamela probly stirred dem up. and why is noone pinning th eblame on alexandra – or rebecca

    they’re WORSE then poor demelza. so dont ruin her rep!!!!

  • Anonymous


    shes only 16.

    alamelas only 17.

    these are young girls and what we’re saying and bitching about it very DAMAGING!

    like we all haven’t bitched b4 or made mistakes.


  • Anonymous

    Who cares if she was a bitch…young girls are bitchy especially in a competitive enviroment. I don’t hink she deserves to be kicked out, she got enough being publicly repremanded for it on the show.

    People can be bitches, get over it….who cares? It doesn’t make her a bad person for having been a bitch to one girl…..I wish that was my only mistake in my life. Move on!!

  • Anonymous

    oh and wishing death on someone is MORSE than being a bitch so stop critizing her for bneing a bitch when you are being 100% more horrible…I hope karma bites you in the ass!

  • KC Sunshine

    These comments are very disturbing.

    Demelza is a young girl who has made a huge mistake and I think she has paid enough for it. The dressing down she received from the judges is more than adequate. By vilifying her you are behaving just as badly as she did.

    I shudder to think how she will be treated when she leaves the show. We all make mistakes in our lives but most of us don’t have to make them in front of the whole nation.

    The entire show is a very unhealthy environment for these girls if you ask me. The judges don’t teach kindness and compassion, they are the worst hypocrites. And the modelling industry isn’t as tough as they make out. Models going on go-sees can just get in a taxi, not this ridiculous scenario where they make them use a road map (GPS anyone?).

  • beau

    i love you demelza reveley , will you marry me

    love beau

  • Anonymous

    ILMAO! Demelzas family is out in force doing some DAMAGE LIMITATION!

    Haha nice try. She brought it on her self and if you think almela deserves it coz shes weird, youve got some serious issues and need your brains examining. Cant you just tell these last messages are her friends and family they sound just like her.

    Did you teach her how to be a bully?

  • Grow up

    Hi demelza.., you dont need anyones help you ruined her own rep, so grow up and maybe you might earn it back.

    Go and read the forums- fansofreality,, fox8 no one likes you and you only have yourself to blame.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah great example to set for young kids, if you think bullying is acceptable. She should been made an example of kicked out of the show. She wont win now anyway, no one will vote for her, so whats the point in keeping her in??

    Its not like she was ‘just a bitch’, that often happens on these tv shows, she went alot further than that, she was the ring leader of the group and tormented someone, she was a bully. Disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    its not bullying u stupid bitches

    leave demelza alone – shes the hottest out of all of em

    i hope alamela leaves.

  • Anonymous

    Demelza, I think being a bitch on national TV is the best punishment for you. It’s Karma. Be a monster to someone else, and you’ll get it back. Awesome hatemail on this page, hope you learn’t your lesson.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    get this mole off tv now!!!!!
    im not tuning into ANTM until shes off or until theres a broad casted hanging :)
    ps: samantha is an ugly bitchhhhhh


  • Demelza Fan!

    I love Demelza! Get over yourselves! She was just having a biut of fun! Leave her alone! Psycho Alamela needs to go! Go Demelza

  • Anonymous

    What goes around comes around Demelza. I think you are a hideous witch. You might be mildly pretty, but you have an ugly personality.

  • Anonymous

    wtf is all this????

    leave demelza alone and get urself a life.

    so ppl make mistakes.

    this is pathetic!!

    and to the person 3 comments or so down from me who called her a fckn mole. – ur probably the biggest dog of all!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I seriously hopes she wises up after the judges’ comments. I hope her parents, her boyfriend ( if she has one) and her friends advices her to come to her senses. Its not mature to have a go at someone that is different.

  • Anonymous

    i used to think you’re pretty but now, like what everyone else thinks, you’re hideous and that’s an understatement.

  • Anonymous

    for the sake of all those poor people throwing up in their mouths, please LEAVE AUSNTM!

  • Anonymous

    best moment of AUSNTM: all the judges baggin the shit outta you

  • Mitch

    F**k get a life, you people with your comments should be discussed in yourselves. Here you are all bulling a 16 year old girl and what you have all said is far worse then a bit of water.

    Grow up you drop kicks in society,

    Go Demelza, all the best in the competition sweetie,

  • Anonymous

    MITCH she fucking deserves all these comments. Bully’s deserve a taste of their own medicine.

    ”oh look now shes crying”- she enjoyed that, smug bitch.

  • Anonymous

    Oh and mitch it wasnt just abit of grow a braincell why dont you!

    Being 16 is NOT an excuse for taking going to that extreme of bullying. Im sorry but i never did nor do i know that many 16 yr olds that have. So grow up.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Demelza,

    You’re beautiful but you’re fucking fake. I hope you rot in hell. You’re a fat, obnoxious bitch! Start starving yourself dear. You’re fat! FAT! FAT! fat! FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rot in hell. Pig!

  • Anonymous

    i just find it funny that ur all going on about how much u hate her and saying how she is a ‘f**ing’ b1tch, wouldn u classify that as bullying!!! how can u hate som1 for bullying and then sit there and do it urself??? 2 wrongs dont make a right

  • Anonymous

    i just find it funny that ur all going on about how much u hate her and saying how she is a f**ing b1tch, wouldn u classify that as bullying!!! how can u hate som1 for bullying and then sit there and do it urself??? 2 wrongs dont make a right

  • Anonymous

    awww c’mon.. stop defending that girl. She deserves it. She can dish it out, she must learn to take it too. Age should not be an excuse. So what if shes only 16? shes old enough to know right from wrong. And look at her life motto for Gods sake.. she totally know what a bitch is and she is being one. Ring leader on top of that!!

  • Anonymous

    To the person who said Demelza’s behaviour isnt bullying, open your eyes.

    Did you somehow miss that cruel look on her face when she said “oh she’s crying”? Demelza sickens me. Alyce and Rebecca are just as bad.

  • anonymous

    I have just read all of of the comments about Demelza, and to be honest i am so disgusted – It is obvious to me that you are a bunch of hypocrits yourselves and you are defaming the poor girl when you dont even know her! Given she was mean and was a bully, but there are a bunch of girls who are no older then 21 living in a house without any authority… I am suprised this is the worst thing that has happened.
    Give her a break, she made a mistake, she does not deserve the feedback that you guys are giving her, and for those of you that are calling her names and riding her off…. YOUR JUST JEALOUS THAT YOUR NOT A HOT MODEL LIKE HER!!

  • Anonymous

    seriously, what is wfrong with you people!!
    saying these things about a girl you don’t even know,, like 99% of girls are bitch towrads each other and no big deal is made!!
    all of you should seriouisly shutup.
    imagine living in a house with 12 other girls,, your obviously not going to get along with all the girls!!
    demelza is gorgeous and she deserves to win.
    and alamela is ugly and robotic,, she has no personality what so ever and im glad shes gone
    if i met someone like alamela i would definitely not be friends with her!!!

  • Anonymous

    for god’s sakes it was just a mistake that she made! how can u criticise her so much for a mistake that any of us could have made?? demelza’s awesome and i hope she wins or manages to get into the modellig industry after the show. for those who r calling her a bitch, u r such hypocrites. look at urself and c if u just made the same mistake that she did and ur not paying a hundredth of the price that she did.

    demelza ur awesome, keep up the good work!!

  • Jeeny B.

    Demelza will never be thought of as beautiful. I agree with Alamela when she said she couldn’t understand how a person could treat another person that way. I don’t think the majority of people understand it as well, seeing the fans’ reactions to last week’s episode (around the world, i live in oklahoma fpr petes sake.)

    and btw 16 is waaaaaaaaay old enough to know how to act, so in that respect think she’s a complete moron especially since she knew she was being taped on reality tv show!! I’m not going to cut her a break nad neither are millions of people who watch the clips of her being completely disgusting. No way in hell they are going to let that girl have the tilte of austNTM. :)

  • Anonymous

    There is a difference between being a bully and a bitch. Being a bully involves taking pleasure in making someone else feel horrible about themselves and making their life harder to live. Can you imagine being stuck in a house with a bully, with no escape? If Demelza learns her lesson then that’s great, and maybe this is an experience that will allow her to see her actions and stop them as opposed to continuing on in life acting the same way. It is true she is young and yes we all make mistakes, however bullying should never be tolerated. Alamela may not be your favourite but she doesn’t deserve to be treated like that, especially by someone who has been the victim of bullies before herself. Good luck to Demelza, she is a beautiful young woman, and despite what others say, she has a fantastic, healthy and womanly figure. Hopefully she will develop not just in terms of modeling but also in herself.

  • Anonymous

    Posting hate comments are not the most tasteful thing to do, but then I don’t think `hypocrites` is the right term for those people, but rather its an instinctive and understandable reaction towards her appalling behaviour.
    AND FOR THOSE SUPPORTING HER, please do so in a more sophisticated and persuasive way because terming people as `hypocrites` and `bitches` in a very harsh way is ironic- it makes you a hypocrite/ bitch yourself; its a vicious cycle. Plus its not going to making other’s opinions of her change for the better.
    Sure everyone has a bitch side to them but definitely she is a distinguished one n she cultivates her `dapto dogness` to an extent where words cannot describe how atrocious it is. She better learn her lesson, be a lot less arrogant n actually give a FORMAL apology for her actions. If she initiates a positive change then people might change their minds about her.

  • Anonymous

    doesnt matter how much of a bitch she is perceived to be. she is HOT!

  • Anonymous

    I think Demelza is a disgusting bully who should have been booted from the show for her victimizing bullying efforts. The message that having such a shallow young girl on a television show discourses negative advocating for other young women watching it, her behavour reflects her putrid personality, and quite franky is noone anyone wants to see on television, alone parading herself down a catwalk.

    Beauty is only skin deep.

  • Anonymous

    i know that demelza has been really mean to alamela but there is a part of me that still loves her i think if she hadnt been a bitch to alamela she would have been this seasons steph, and i think she has learnt her lesson has anything happened with her since alamela got elimenated ? no, when the judges told her how they felt she knew what she had done wrong and i think everyone needs to just give her a break, many sympathies to alamela but demelza should win.

  • Anonymous

    all u people that r teasing demelza disguist me she has allready have enough critisism how dare u bully someone u dont even know, the show is for one hour a week and camera are off most of the time so who knows what happened all of you people teasing her need to get a life, she is beautiful and in my eyes totally learnt her lesson alamela i am sorry that they were mean to u but y is it just demelza u were targeting, everyones just as bad as each other, did anyone stand up for alamela during the show? no

  • Anonymous

    is it true that she’s in the final 2 as said in spoilers?

  • Anonymous

    this will forever change my perspective of her n i’m sure it’ll work for all those who have some sort of sense, even those who defended her:

    great work judges, except comparison to a dog only insults animals.

  • Tea


  • india pink

    Demelza was, at the start of the competition, a lovely, friendly girl. Or at least that was what the cameras portrayed her as. She has turned into a selfish, bitchy little brat who uses her “prettiness” to get her through. I once thought you could win Demelza, and you could still. But your attitude has changed the way everyone looks at you.

  • sex crazed maniac

    you should be my girlfriend.

  • Anonymous

    If the snippets from next week’s show are anything to go by, sweet little Demelza is about to get a taste of her own medicine. Such a silly little girl – she’s criticised everyone else in the house (either to their face or when alone on camera), and yet is “offended” because Alex criticised her! I think it’s about time the producers stopped putting “children” in the house – and that goes for girls who don’t meet height criteria either. If they’re going to be axed at the end of the show for lack of height, why put them in the first place? Dumb dumb dumb.

  • ruby

    Live ande learn you little skank…No wonder you were bullied at school..Maybe if you pulled your head out of a** you would see the real world is full of different people…Most of who all get along and are accepting of peoples differences…I can tell you right now i will buy a magazine with your face on the cover…To use in my cat litter tray..Then you can feel wot its like to be shit on…Give up now and at least leave with a little dignity.

  • truth


    to the comments below me – what bullshit!

    demelza should win it! alex is such a rotten apple. shes sneaky and deceiving and mean. and beauty? hello??? a “blank canvas” describes alex well. i don’t pretend to no either of these ppl but come on! demelza is a healthy, goodlooking aussie top model in the making. alex simply isn’t. and to anyone who reckons demelza is a bigger bitch then alex HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

    OPEN your eyes is all i have to say.

  • Anonymous

    speak for your self as if her life motto is dont be a bitch
    she was SUCH A BITCH to allamella who did not deserve it at all what a mong.

  • Anonymous

    If demelzSLUT reads this ur a fat arse bitch who deservs nothing more than a good punch in the face alex will win shes gorgeous go to the gym u fat bitch go alex babe

  • Anonymous

    l can’t believe she in the final, great example you are setting ANTM, showing people its ok to be nasty towards others and still get what you want! If she wins l won’t be watching the show next year! im sure l won’t be alone!

    You knew how much it got to people what she did, firstly the show did nothing but go ‘bad, do, do that again’, now you’ve continued your poor form and have her in with a chance to win it!

    Sam was a lot prettier (and nicer) then her.

  • Anonymous

    whatever. may the best girl win. and so far demelza has proved to be the best girl. she apoligized to alamela, so get over it. Demelza is getting away with being a bitch, she got told off and has shown maturity by apologizing and not letting it happen again. she should win.

  • MissKitten

    Filming ended 2 months ago, since then Demelza has trained very hard and has lost 10cms from her hips. She has Apologised to anamela and it was ages ago. So ppl should accept that and move on.
    Demelza FTW!!!

  • Anonymous

    I had hoped that Sam would win, she is very pretty and she seems like a nice girl, can’t say I like Delmeza, not only was she so horrible to Alamela, she also said some nasty things about Carris as well, and she was such a nice girl (Carris that is) I hope Delmeza doesn’t win, regardless of whether she apoligized to Alamela or not, it would still send out the wrong message to young girls that its ok to be a bitch and that would be most disappointing, her not winning and everyone letting her know why she did not win (because of her attitude and bitchiness) would let hopefully teaches her a very good lesson in life.

  • Anonymous

    omfgggg seriously get the FUCKKK over it. Demelza is beautiful, Alex is a white pasty bitch who also says shit about the other girls. fucking seriusly who gives a fuck if she was mean to Alamela, she appologized.. move the fuck on. they are girls.. girls are bitches. listen to all the shit thats been said about Demelza.. she’s fat? SHE DESERVES TO WIN . she has done so well to come this far, she is 16.. put in her best efforts and i say all the best to her because she is beautiful.





  • Anonymous

    its shocking how many people believe in her supposedly sincere apologies. it was in front of cameras, which is CLEARLY to immunise herself against a whole nation hating her because she wants to win this so bad.
    by chance, is it demelza herself typing up all the support comments? otherwise all you people supporting her must be so blind and gullible, its unbelievable.


  • Anonymous

    god demelza is beautiful.
    i have never seen such a gorgeous face in my entire life.
    alex has a great versatile look and is very now,
    but demelza should win.
    what a great beauty – and someone who should be representing australia. who cares about their attitudes/bitchiness – they probably did most of that for the show. lets focus on the model and see how amazing these two girls are. alex knows her fashion so well – she clearly wants to be a part of that world! but as i said, demelza is clearly miles above her in looks.

  • Anonymous

    also alex and demelza if you are reading this – well done. don’t listen to all these ppl they are just jealous and clearly know nothing. you guys are amazing and just don’t waste your time thinking about what these ppl have to say!!

  • Anonymous

    OMG! At 16 you are so up yourself! Are you even listening to what your saying?! P.S- beauty is nothing when your a bitch! Get over it! and grow up!

  • Anonymous

    If Demelza wins, won’t that be a slap in the face to last years runner-up?
    The judges (Jodhi) thought Steph was too young to be put into the world of modeling.
    Steph was far more mature then Demelza and Demelza has proven time and time again that she needs to grow up a hell of a lot more before she can even think about working as a model.
    It will be interesting to see if Jodhi’s favorite will win, considering she thought 16 was too young a year ago.

  • Anonymous

    The judges (especially Jodhi) needs to realise that modelling is not just about having a ‘pretty face’ but also about personality. The judges are such hypocrites.

    Alex has both but Demelza has such an UGLY PERSONALITYYYY…


    Go Alex!!

  • Anonymous

    To the person who posted on 26 Jun 08 at 11:13 pm , it was not Jodhi who thought Steph was too young, Jodhi favouritised Steph if anything and was pushing for her to win- get your facts straight before you post.
    I hope Alex wins- Demelza is a bitchy little brat and like Steph, she is too immature to represent Australia as a top model.

  • Anonymous

    um excuse me to those people saying demelza is a bitch – wasnt it alex who was the one going around making all the other girls fat? and making them put on weight by lying to them and saying that it was diet food and all that and then going behind their backs and putting all fatty foods in?
    demelza is healthy, absolutely gorgeous and should totally come australias next top model.
    and alex has fake lips which obviously meant she wasnt confident within herself when demelza is pure and beautiful.
    who cares if she is 16? she is the better model, she is prettier, nicer, healthier, MORE EVERYTHING THEN ALEX. age doesnt matter if you’ve got what it takes, and demelza deffinately does.
    and even though you dont have to be absolutely gorgeous to be a top model, you have to be atleast fairly pretty looking. and i fail to see where alex has that? ALEX IS UGLY!!!!! and because shes older, shes going to go very stale very soon. she already has started to get stale, and she hasnt even left the show. NO WAY SHOULD ALEX WIN!!!

    GO DEMELZA ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! :)

  • Justin

    If Demelza wins, half the viewers will stop watching.


    Goodbye Next Top Crap Model :)

  • Nataliie

    Demelza is a fake to faced biitch !!!
    who dosnt deserve to win !
    she is a bully and tries to hard who is that stupid to loose 10inches off there body only because somebody told them to!!
    she was a healthy body weight untill she went to the stupid show

  • Anonymous

    jodhi said `beauty is not enough`… by favoring demelza, she’s being so hypocritical.

  • mazz

    it’s completely ironic that demelza’s life motto is, ‘don’t be a bitch.’

    how lol

  • Anonymous

    everyones a bitch once in a while..
    alex was a bitch too by making those fatty cupcakes.
    you still deserve to win as you have such an amazing beauty, you truly are gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Personally, model-wsie ( which is what you all should be seeing this as… not bitchiness) i think Alex has proved to be a better model. She is wise, smart with the modelling world/fashion, can pull of various fashions, is beautiful, and healthy body weight and guys behonest with yourselves – are any of the top models modelling for gucci the slightest bit pudgy? No.
    In the REAL WORLD, you need to be skinny to be a top model. You may think its not a good example, but thats what BEING A TOP MODEL IS.
    Alex deserves to win. She was the only mature one in the house. Just because she baked cakes does not mean she made them eat them. They gave in to food because they obviously did not want to be a model bad enough.
    and by calling them bitches/ugly/go to the gym.. is so so lame, no wonder your sitting on a computer. You dont know these people and they are alot better than yourselves.

  • Anonymous

    i notice a lot of u like ehr coz she’s beautiful
    but u shud realise that she is in the house for modelling
    i personally think she has the body for modelling
    and yeh to be honest a lot of models are bitches
    but i hope she did mean that apology

    anyway i relly want demelza to win
    u go girl :)

  • Linda

    She’s disguisting i hope he dies from anorexia. she is the biggest bitch ever. who the hell would want her to win? apart from her pretty face shes a complete and utter disgrace and terrible role model for all the teens out there. she SHOULD have been taken out from the show!! bitches arent tolerated hope she loses!! no actually i dont hope she loses i WANT her to lose.

  • Anonymous

    before you want her to win:

    if she wins, it’ll be total injustice, all thanks to biased judges and media.

  • Anonymous

    demelza im really disappointed in you
    i thought u were one of the least bitchy people at the beginning but then you became one of the bitchiest people and you really become a LOT less appealing because of that. you may have the looks but you dont have the personality and no wonder your still a virgin, no guy will be willing to overlook ur personality just because ur a bit pretty (on some days)
    HOW DARE u put a condom in aramelas bed when you’ve never seen one of those things before. its pretty pathetic that youv never even been kissed before.
    a lot of people at my school reckon you wouldnt be accepted at most schools now because of ur behaviour and as a former bullying victim im really sad that you became a bully to some poor girl who i hope you realise has more poise and maturiy than ull ever have
    also ur voice is really annoying. sorry but i had to say it! u sound like a frigging little girl. u go on about how mature u are, but u dont sound like it,both in ur voice and what u say. GROW UP
    im sorry if reading these mean comments hurt u but its really sad that you dont have a very nice personality. youve completely disappointed all of the people in my year (11) at school..
    Im sure when u go back to school, a lot of people will hav changed their opinion of u, and not in a good way Even if they dont say it theyll always be thinking of u as a bitch from now on
    just a warning sweetie…

  • Anonymous

    i second most of the comment below.
    you have tarnished all your reputation in one episode’s time, and there’s more to come. this is really a shame for a girl who is 16 and has already earned the title of most hated model ever.
    if you win this (which i doubt and strongly hope not), it would definitely question the integrity and purpose of ANTM.
    otherwise its australia’s next top bitch.

  • Anonymous

    whoever thinks her apologies are sincere, OPEN YOUR EYES.
    and to the person who posted a comment on 28 Jun 08 at 4:21 pm,
    demelza’s insecurity is much evident thru her disgusting behaviour than alex having her lips injected with collagen.
    and no way is demelza nicer than alex -you’re evidently a classic example of one who falls easily into her manipulative ways. Alex definitely has versatility, the high fashion look, the maturity, intelligence and the RIGHT model body. And Demelza, well she has a pretty face but inner monstrosity does overshadow whatever she has and its such a shame that the moajority of the viewers hate her.
    finale is starting soon! GO ALEX! :)

  • Anonymous

    hahaha to the chick who at 12:54 said that no wonder demelza is still a virgin, u are obviously a whore. how do u know that she hasnt had offers but for personal reasons have declined them? that tactless throwaway line of urs reflects the inner skank you really must be.


    get a life.

  • Cass (:

    I Totally Think Demelza Deserved to Win.!

    I Thought Alex Was A Fair Bitch.

    To What 12:54 Said.!



    Demelza Is Cooool


  • Anonymous

    suck shit too all the people saying Demelza sucks and all that crap SHE WON SO HA GO DEMELZA SHE TRULLY IS AUSTRALIA’S NEXT TOP MODEL!!

  • Anonymous

    The evil ice witch Demelza is certainly not a worthy winner of Australia’s Next Top Model. Her apologies were not the least bit sincere and a proof that she hadn’t changed her ways were proven in how she said about Alex “I hope she breaks her leg” and other sour grapes comments.

    I WILL NEVER WATCH THE SHOW AGAIN! as Demelza and the favouratism from the judges is so frustrating that I could not handle it. I was sitting there infuriated watching Demelza try to justify her cruel behaviour by being that of a young age. Just because she is sixteen it does not give her reason to victimise other people. Jonathon said “she is the most mature sixteen year old I have ever met,” if the judges are willing to cover up her bullying by saying that she is young then they are contradicting themselves about her supposed high maturity levels. I would not even expect her poor behaviour from a six year old.

    There is no way that Demelza will have a truly successful career as her horrible nasty caniving nature will hold her back……. even if her horrible legs wide hips and chunky bum can make it through the door.

  • Ordinary Woman

    Demelza,we R so proud of U. As “non-twiggy’s we honour your presence.Keep goin’ girl(friend).At 16 the world is Ur oyster U R the bridge 2 the future

  • Anonymous

    Demelza Australias Next Top Model more like Fox 8s Next Top Model.
    Is that who Australia really wanted? Alice from last season is the best TOP model and NO ONE will ever be as good. Well done Demelza now you can go flip patties for McDonalds Burgers cause your just as pretty as Ronald.

  • Anonymous

    OMG are all you people like 10 grow up.

  • Anonymous

    geeesss. calm down seriously
    demelza was so nice and pretty, and she wasnt at all ‘chunky’ she actually lost 10cm from her waist, she was such a better model than alex so stop complainn its just a show!

  • Anonymous

    Are you feeling ok?

    What do you mean Demelza was a b**** “once in a while”?
    Every single episode, she was saying something disgustingly mean whether it be wishing that someone will fall off a cliff or break a leg…mind you these two things were the nicest that she said in the competition.

    Being a model also means being a ROLE model…which she is not at all.

    I mean, Kate Moss got dropped by many brands because she was not a ROLE model, so that just goes to prove that personality and behaviour are just as important as looks in the fashion world.

    Personally, i think Demelza is a psychotic young girl who is a complete hypocrite to her motto. She has cold eyes as well, which perfectly suits her personality.

    I think she should have been pulled off the show, as she sends the wrong message out to aussie girls.

    I am so disappointed in the Australian public for choosing her as our winner…so disappointed.

  • sharon

    As non-twiggys, Im sure demelza will bully you!!! Go fat sistas!!

  • Anonymous

    OMG…shit must be your hobby! Demelza is a horrible little girl and you must be one too…or some toothless yob!

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t the next show be called “Napoleon Perdis’” Next Top Face Model?

  • Dana

    I am really surprised. I had no idea that this Demelza was so horrible to another girl. I just saw a clip of the bullying episode, and have to say I regret wanting her to win. I have only seen a couple of episodes and must have missed the parts where she was a bully. I had heard the judges commenting on her behaviour, but I just thought she behaved badly at a shoot or in front of a designer, or something that would be understandable for a 16yr old to do. At no age is it understandable to be a bully and those who support her better get on top of this issue, before it continues and ruins her chances of healthy relationships as an adult.

  • Anonymous

    In Alice Burdeu, ANTM “discovered” a model who easily transcended national modeling into an international arena. Sadly, with the two finalists for this year, the same can not be said. One contestant has been accused of bullying other house members and the other of sabotaging house members diets.

    In a show that is meant to be about modeling, fashion, beauty etc, this season has been about anything but. And the result has not yielded two positive role models for young Australian girls/women. The two finalists are a sad and disappointing choice based upon a puzzling bias from the judges.

    Still, as Neal Hamil of Elite Models was so right in saying “Thank God for Alice Burdeu.”

  • Anonymous

    Did you by any chance listen to what anyone else was saying on the show? They were all horrible and bitchy and saying the exact same kind of things.

    I seriously doubt that anyone looks up to the personalities of people in the fashion industry let alone considers them ‘role models’. They’re goodlooking people who make clothes look good, nothing more. Besides walking down the catwalk and turning up to fashion parties models do nothing in the public eye, except for when their dirty laundry is airred in tabloids. And really the kind of person that would consider that kind of behaviour ‘role model’ behaviour would probably be impressed by bitchy behaviour and drug taking no matter who was doing it.

    And as for Kate Moss she did a little more than be a ‘bad role model’, she broke the law. You’re clearly exaggerating to try and support your argument but you can hardly put an immature 16 year old girl, saying some nasty little comments, into the same category as a mature 30-something year old taking hardcore drugs.

    I in no way think bullying or bitching is a good thing. But honestly if someone is going to go and that show they are pretty much saying ‘I am so goodlooking that you should pay me to be goodlooking’, and should be ready for a little criticism. On top of that, Demelza is only a 16 year old girl in an unfamiliar place trying to impress people. She’s not exactly running to be prime minister. Besides everybody makes mistakes.

    I think it is a bit harsh to suggest that she should have been taken off the show. Would that have sent the right message? That if you ever make one mistake, no matter what your age or maturity level, you will get your dreams taken away from you? It’s not like they were nice to her about it either, they acted as though it was holding her back throughout the whole competition.

  • Anonymous

    A very dissapointing result. Demelza should have not won the title. Both 2 finalist were horrible girls with nasty personalities. I think Sam should have won the comp.

  • Anonymous

    Demelza should have been crowned Australia’s Worst Bully.

  • Anonymous

    CONGRATS demelza

    you were the best !!!

    p.s you have a great body

    alex looked like the hiefer walking down the caTWALK

  • Anonymous

    I love it how everyone is getting angry at demelza because she won and bullied allamella, when right now all they are saying is bitchy comments lowering to such a level demelza did.

    They both deserved to win, but who cares? All the winner is going to be doing is wearing clothes that most of us can’t even afford and setting an example of things we may never become.

    Its a tv show.
    Stress less.

  • Anonymous

    obviously you haven’t got an understanding of bullying and its effects; maybe then you would understand the ‘stress’ factor re all of this!!!

  • Anonymous

    i used to like demelza
    but now i hate her >:(
    watching the final demelza said continually “alex has a shit walk”
    but alex managed to get 5 shows and demelza only 3
    it is obvious that alex was the better model.. i reckon everyone just voted for demelza coz shes “gorgeous”
    and as for that apology she had me thinking ohh maybe she is a gd kid
    but NO did u see the way alamela just cried and walked of the stage
    my heart rlly goes out to alemela

    and to all the girls who think that it is alright to bully.. well seriously open ur eyes. wat demelza did had nothing to do with wining the competition. she was just plain mean and shattered poor alamela’s confidence.

    i agree a disappointing result. and personally i neva liked wither alex or demelza. my fave was sam

  • Anonymous

    wow u people really need to get a life girls a bitches get over it, it is a TV SHOW people. Get a job or even a hobby.

  • Anonymous

    I just want to say… Girls lets remember we can ALL be bitches..and have been at sometime or another. I do not condone Delmelza’s bullying but lets remember what u were like at 16 and in high school.. I believe Alex worked so hard and put in so much effort week after week and therefore deserved to win!!


    okay fine..what if we forget about her fucking bad personality.. so what?
    this is a MODELING competition… (if the australian public forgot) and whos the better model? ALEX. she worked hard and shes versatile. but look at demelza…every SINGLE one of her pics r the same. im already sick of her face…if shes on the front page of aust vogue, im def not gonna buy it. and EVERYONE WHO HATES DEMELZA..DONT BUY IT. IT WILL BOOK HER LESS SHOWS AND JOBS! BECAUSE AGENTS & ETC WILL KNOW THT DEMELZA DOES NOT APEAL TO THE PUBLIC

  • Anonymous

    I think she got the public vote cause of the whole ‘fat’ issue, people wanted to prove a bigger person can be a model! Yet by doing so, they have now said its ok to bully someone, and still get what you want!

    Great example to the kids out there! Even worst reading the paper this morning and find out that Allamena was told to ‘shut’ up after the bullying, yet Demezla was trotted around everywhere to say how sorry she was, not once to Allamena face, to see her leave crying proves it even most so, Demezla didn’t mean what she said, she just said it cause ‘she had too’. Now all you stupid people have voted her to win, and left the message, ‘its ok to be a bitch and still get what you want’. Great example. I hope those that voted for her don’t have kids, SHAME ON YOU!

  • Anonymous

    demelza was obviously was better than alex!

    yeah she may of been a bitch but im sure everyone who has posted a comment has done something in there life, or to someone and they regret it.
    well; thats just like demelza
    she regrets doing it, as she said on the finale night and admitted she did the wrong so everyone just shut the fuck up and deal with the fact that she won.
    your all jealous of her and wish you were like her and dont have anything better to say then say that shes ugly
    but you know what your probably ugly and fat yourself

    demelza was amazing and was also and amazing MODEL :)

    as the show is called ‘australias next top model’
    not ‘australias bitchiest model’

    i thought alex was a good model but man, demelza was stunning!
    so shut the frik up everyone who posted those stupid comments about demelza

  • Anonymous

    quote: “so shut the frik up everyone who posted those stupid comments about demelza”

    dude, this is what the majority is saying to you. you must be so damn naive and blind and gullible and superficial and easily manipulated. nevermind, you have our sympathy and pity, just like that loathed demelza has.

    even one with little moral would know that inner monstrosity overshadows whatever outward beauty there is, but obviously you are so blind to that. oh dear, so pathetic.

  • goku

    hey.i think demelza is without a doubt the best top model ever.she is so beautiful,talented and just awesome she can do anything with her life.i wish you the best.forever and ever

  • Izzy

    Ok I don’t care what anyone says about people being just as bad Demelza for bagging her out, I have seen so many people far better looking then Demelza and I am not joking. I think Alex was alot more of a hard worker and so much more versatile then Demelza.

    As for the bitching, thats the Fashion industry for you but Demelza was just plain rude, I sincerly hopes she falls of a cliff and dies a slow painful death for every comment she made. Allamena was my favourite she was much more of a lady then any bitch on that show.

  • eebbbbb

    pretty sure it was bec and alyce who poured stuff of alamela
    she called demelza fat
    shut up
    shes amazing
    australia voted for her cause she was the best.
    so get over it

  • Anonymous

    I think Demelza is absolutely beautiful,, i think that the editor of Vogue must be blind if she thinks that Demelza’s body isnt already perfect. (She should probably look at herself, before she judges a girls body and ethics)

  • Anonymous

    yay demelza won!
    she was my fave
    shes 16 and i believe she deserves a second chance

  • Anonymous

    Well of course every model has to have a pretty face but the point is she’s got a disgusting inside and that’s why vogue was so reluctant about putting her on.
    To whoever cannot see that, stop lying to yourselves about the obvious. If you’re giving her a second chance, good on you for being so sympathetic towards that girl.
    And congratulations vogue, you have portrayed the essence of integrity and all the goodness that demelza doesn’t have.
    she is not a winner, not a role model and has so much to learn and improve on.

  • Anonymous

    alamela never called demelza fat. she said she heard someone say she should lose a few pounds. yes, not the most tasteful thing to do in front of that bitch, but what demelza did to alamela was so much worse and that’s an understatement.
    if you justify demelza’s behaviour, you obviously didn’t watch the whole thing or you’re just as bad as her. very pitiable, very easily manipulated and very thick.
    wake up!

  • Anonymous

    Hey everyone, obviously you guys are complete weirdos, Demelza is stunning and beautiful and a fanastic model!!, i mean she was a bully and everything but shes only 16! cant you let the girl off, SHES ONLY 16!!! she deserved to win the contest!!

    keep on modeling Demelza!!!
    xx no 1# fan!!

  • Anonymous

    taking the whole bullying and bitching out of the equation.
    alex shouldve won over demelza.
    alex is perfect for modelling.

    and if anyone thinks that demelza is repping it for the fat people of australia, that has nothing to do with modelling, whether or not its the right or wrong thing, high fashion will never be modelled by somebody with the same body shape as demelza.

    the show was australias next “top model” not next “pretty face”

    but in saying all this both finalists were gorgeous and best of luck to both of them in the future.

    ps alex perry is a shit designer and a fucking tool

  • Anonymous

    what the? demelza is a size 8 you idiots.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like the way Demleza and a number of the girls behaved but reading some of the stuff that’s written here makes me wonder if you guys aren’t being bullies yourself – think about it!

  • Anonymous

    have u guys forgotten how much of a slut alex is i mean they even showed it on tv she cheated on her bf. and the way she walks down the runway it looks like she has a huge pole shoved up her ass.atleast demelza knew how to walk

  • napolean

    demelza has so much more natural beauty to offer the modelling world atleast demelza’s body was not fake like alex’s . judges have said they found out alex had injections in her lips and ass before entering the competition. who really cares about size i bet if lleyden won everyone would be like oh shes way to big to be a model. well welcome to the new era people no longer want to see bony ribs showing in models females want see models in clothes the general public can fit in.


  • Anonymous

    Oh please give alex a break, everyone these days gets something done its not like that put a new face on her or anything!
    plus Demelza isnt that pretty and shes a bitch, the bully shouldnt have won its as simple as that!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    get a life, Demelza is the complete idiot here, shes a sly bully and should have been disqualified, GROW A BRAIN!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    no, alex perry isn’t a tool. he and charlotte are fair, jodhi meares and jonathan are not. i’m not saying this just because they favour demelza (which i don’t get why) but their reasons for doing so. demelza tripped on her alex perry show walk twice n jonathan’s like `hands down demelza`. funny how she said alex’s walk is fucking shit literally when she is herself, and has booked less shows than alex. jealous much? i think so. alex and so many other contestants make much better models.
    plus even when charlotte says demelza puts in 0% effort, jodhi’s always like `yea 100% safe’. talking about playing the game fair.
    i seriously think she won because of infamy (quoted from vogue), sympathy (pitiable creature) and people don’t watch the show carefully and see her disgusting behaviour and the fact that its the same damn face every photo!
    she is pretty yes, but she has no model personality or body or intelligence and should’ve been eliminated ages ago.

  • Anonymous

    Whoever is saying that Demelza is young and deserves a chance!
    STUFF U!!!!
    Shes MEAN!
    and even a 5 year old knows better around here DEMELZA we all know that you are a rude little bitch so, crash n burn and Alex could have done better, JUST KNOW THAT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    quote: get a life, Demelza is the complete idiot here, shes a sly bully and should have been disqualified, GROW A BRAIN!!

    you are so damn right! i truly think she is sorry in terms of trying to gain back viewers and popularity, and not on a personal level towards alamela. as if she has learnt a lesson when she is still so manipulative, sly, bitter and malicious towards alex. didn’t she hope that she’ll trip/ break a leg? plus she said alex is fucking shit when alex booked more shows than her. what a fake selfish bitch.
    she won’t get anywhere in life after her contract with the few agencies who support her (according to wiki, many have decided not to support her, so good on them).

  • Anonymous

    LOL to whoever wrote the message at 6:12.
    yea you’re so right, people please stop lying to yourselves about demelza being good inside. her disgusting behaviour is consistent and her fake apologies to regain her reputatioon just doesn’t work. even people with a tiny bit of a sense would know that.
    makes me wonder how people can be so blind..

  • Anonymous

    i think everyone in here should stop attacking demelza, yes it was wrong what she did, but get over it. she won the competition, clearly because she was the best model in the house. I’m sure the bullying is a big issue, but she did apologize on live television to Alamela and should be congratulated for that. We can not assume that she apologizes to get the viewers liking her again and her popularity back so leave the girl alone.

  • caris

    To all the comments defending Demelza, you are right! I was in the house, and duh the cameras portray everything to be more dramatized.Hell, some of the drama was scripted! So before you be mean to Demelza think that it was all blown up, and that Alamela deserved it. I saw her off cameras, and she was a little snob. She pretended that she was so perfect! I am glad you one Dem, and I’ll miss you lots!!
    Love Caris xxxx

  • caris

    To all the comments defending Demelza, you are right! I was in the house, and duh the cameras portray everything to be more dramatized.Hell, some of the drama was scripted! So before you be mean to Demelza think that it was all blown up, and that Alamela deserved it. I saw her off cameras, and she was a little snob. She pretended that she was so perfect! I am glad you one Dem, and I’ll miss you lots!!
    Love Caris xxxx

  • Anonymous


    i read articles where caris said BULLYING IS JUST AS BAD IN THE HOUSE AS IT IS PORTRAYED. plus caris’ profile/ interview said SHE LIKED DEMELZA (AND KRISTY) LEAST, and SHE DEFENDED ALAMELA when the bullying was happening. and of course, CARIS HAS HIGHER MORALS/ INTEGRITY THAN THAT AND SHE HAS A BRAIN TO KNOW DEMELZA IS A FAKE, MANIPULATIVE, NASTY BITCH unlike the very few blind people out there who have an iq of lets say 60, to be generous.
    so caris-wannabe, watch antm properly before making stupid lies. don’t tarnish caris’ great reputation as well.

  • Anonymous

    Hi everyone
    I have to admit this was the first time i watched ANTM, I was really a little annoyed that Demelza won, reason being her entire attitude was very innapropiate yes people as saying “she’s 16 give her a break” but i’m sure you’ve been bullied before and do you remember how awful you felt and you needed to escape from everyone wow poor alamela couldn’t do that she was stuck in that house and when she tried to get awsy demelza followed her into her room. and remember not every 16 year old behaves that way(sure we can all be bitchy but bullying and harrasment “no not everyone is like that” plus her photo’s were very repatitivel.
    know i’m not say don’t like demelza everyone has the right to there own opinon (but i do agree she shouldn’t have won ANTM for the fact she is not the best role model for this stage in her life and she was pretty so i’m sure she would have got some booking)

  • Anonymous

    Demelza is boring, lame , stupid and a bitch.

    dislike the whore.

  • Anonymous

    Uh, nice going, giving yourself away like that. ANTM wasn’t a voting show. The judges decided who would stay, not viewers.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, I really think Demelza should have been disqualified and sent home for her childish and appoling behaviour. Bullying is not acceptable in this society and by ANTM keeping her on the show, only proves that they are condoning it. Alex is no better with her sabotaging of food. I think that ANTM should rethink where their priorities lie when is comes to bullying, and I cannot believe that Johnathon if thought of Demelza being the most mature 16 year old he has ever seen. Really bad choice for the final two. Sam should have won it hands down. Go Sam.

  • Anonymous

    wasn’t one of the reasons stephanie hart didn’t win ANTM in 07 her age, yet the praised Demelza ” The Bitchketeer” who is the same age and A Bully.

  • Anonymous

    She has an ok face but a fat ass and chunky thick thighs

  • Anonymous

    shes a bully. its truly sad she won :[

    she’s no Alice Bordeu.

    alex + demelza had the worst personalities.
    I wish Tyra would have been there to yell some sense into them.

  • Anonymous

    well…. all u ppl who talk about demelza dont even know her-
    she’s not a bitch, just making good t.v. demelza is great, the funniest and most clumsy person i’v ever met- your all gay. she’s stunning and what ever u all say wont ever make her ugly. theres a bitch in every Top Model house- she just came 1st and she deserved it- i witnessed weeks of jelly, water and tears over ppl like you who just want to make her look shit!
    love ya dez


    Whoever thinks Demelza is amazing, is on drugs.
    the only reason she won was by public vote, and unfortunately people like the fake, high pitched, “sweet as pie” stereotype.
    So glad they didn’t put her on the cover of Vogue, She’s ugly anyway.
    I usually buy Vogue, but there was no way I was going to buy the September issue. Simply because Demelza was in it.
    She’s the biggest bullshit artist aswell, and she had to wait till the live finally to publicly apologize to Alamela so everyone thought she was ‘so sweet!’ BULLSHIT.
    Shes a FAKE.
    I HAT HER.

  • Anonymous

    omg you guys are so funny! what I really want to know is how she is feeling right now!!! I feel like the whole world is against her and wants to see her crash and burn!! I do applaud her, however, for taking this sooo well. But she is still fake

  • Anonymous

    You’re not Caris, you’re just a liar… probably demelza in disguise!

  • Anonymous

    okay. i am a model in the high fashion industry, and have had the absolute displeasure to work with alex and demelza.
    you would be suprised to hear that alex’ body is not high fashoin. her pursed lips are injected, her fringe is last season.

    demelza has a natural beauty in her face. but this does not make a high fashion model. truth being she is bottom heavy. her arms are chunky. clothes too big for me were fitted onto her.

    demelza is sweet. shh is young, but even if she were to work out, not eat, throw up, whatever her choice of weight loss or diet, she would still never fit the haute couture on proper runway sizes, and alex too would endure difficulty fitting into the clothing.

    perhaps if the other models in the house had shown more interest, and concentrated more on producing a better photograph than crying, hanging backstage with the girls before a runway show would prove to be an experience to look forward to.

    shame on antm, the quality of models produced this season really has declined.

  • Anonymous

    anyone who encourages demelza winning is not only blind but supporting somthing that in some cases can potentially ruin lives is stupid.the only reason that she apologised was to look sweet but anyone half decent would have seen right through her fake apology.anyone who didnt stop the bullying who had the opportunity too including the judges should be extremely doing this they have given people the misconception that bullying is allowed on national tv and in real life.lots of hard work goes into preventing this in real life and this show goes and undoes all the hard work of society.i hope she feels the guilt of what she has done every single day.not only should she be ashamed, she is a disgrace to society

  • katelin

    u went 2 the same skool as u and i saw u there
    u will win i hope

  • hullo

    yea whoever is being “caris”…
    she defended alamela in the house, so watch the episode properly and make up your mind before posting some `destructive` comment.
    caris is so much better than that.

  • Anonymous

    I think the show was rigged as watching the last few shows Demelza was the only one to get lots of air time and even being the worst model those weeks still got picked first for everything for might have a great face but could not do many different photo’s even when getting all the nice cloths and hair do I think there was other there just as pretty but they didn’t have rich family backing or maybe they just pick the winner the first week it didn’t matter how bad they got they get all the best chances.

  • my name

    i think viewer votes doesn’t mean HOW MANY PEOPLE voted, rather it is HOW MANY TIMES someone voted. i can just picture the biased judges (no need to state the obvoius) and her parents and the few fans we can count by our fingers, continually having finger spasms over the red button. there we go, problem solved. its not necessarily rigged as what many say.

  • tuyen


  • Anonymous

    I watch the show and think that this season is a nightmare, especially having alex to be in the finalists. shes ew and her lips are seriously disgusting!

    Demelza, on the other hand, shes really beautiful and more like a mixture of nicole richie + lindsay lohan look. Shes young and she has a really bright future.

    Ahhh. I love SAM too! What a waste she wasn’t in the finals !!!

    Damn u alex.

  • Fashion Fan

    Season 4 was a disaster. Worst final two ever. The only reason Alex lasted way too long was because Perry supported her. Perry usually supports the girl with the most high fashion potential, but this season he didn’t have much to pick from. Demelza’s lucky that I despised Alex more than I did her. I just wish that Demelza wasn’t so protected by those who wanted her to win sooo badly.

  • Anonymous

    I recently watched this season of AUSNTM online. I am an American, and the fact that this girl won, by public vote, in fact, absolutely disgusts me. Not only was her behavior deplorable and absolutely deserving of elimination from the competition, but the judges ended up rewarding her for NOT changing. After the judges reprimand for her bullying of Alamela,(which I beleive crossed physical lines as well as emotional ones), her behavior continued to be selfish and ulgy. She wished a fellow contestant would fall off a cliff, took the single bedroom in New York, TELLING the other girls it was hers, and there were so many other examples of selfish behavior there is not room for them all. She took none of the judges advice as far as her diet or exercise during the program and did not have a change of expression from her first photo to her last. Carys, on the other hand, showed hard work, beautiful versatility, and kind actions. Almost nothing Demelza accused any other person of doing was in fact true (with a few rare exceptions), but were in fact examples of her own seedy behavior throughout the competition. I kept screaming at the screen, “no, that’s you, Demelza,” almost everytime she accused another girl of bad or questionable behavior. For this young “woman” to have experienced the pain of bullying herself and know that pain, makes the fact that she did it herself even more disgusting. I do not understand how Jonathatn could change his mind so fast from one show to the next, as in one he said D had not grown and her photos had one look, and the next he had completely switched his stance. I suspect maybe D’s parents have very deep pockets or good connections. I think every judge and Australian citizen who voted for her has extremely poor character. When Napolean perdis debuted here a while back i was excited, knowing the climates of Texas and Australia are similar and being excited to try his products developed for such climates. Now I will boycott all his products and write on my well known beauty blog for all others with good morals to do so also. If they question this decision, I will challenge therm to watch the season – I have no question they will agree with me. All three of the bitch girls took repeatedly bad photos and consistently got the same crticism with no action taken to improve their problems, yet all stayed beyond girls with much better portfolios and attitudes. I just do not get it. For the people involved in the show to care more about keeping those girls in to spice the show up than to reward girls who actually behaved and photographed like beautiful (inside and out) human beings is absolutely unforgiveable. The show seemed bent in D’s favor from the beginning as judges table after judges table criticized her but then kept her in. If this truly was decided by the public, I will not be going to Australia anytim soon, if ever.

  • Anonymous

    I think it is VERY SAD that a person like Demelza won the final (she didn’t even deserve to reach the finals!!) Having recently viewed this season in the Middle East I was disgusted at her behaviour and attitude during the show. She should have been kicked out (along with the 2 friends who displayed similar bullying attitude) as soon as the incident(s) occured. Too bad there is nothing we can do about it now since she already won, but I hope that next time the judges have a impartial view and only the truly beautiful win.

  • Harry

    Demelza made me sick to watch, shes cruel, shes fake, shes fat (in the modeling world) and NO its not normal there and NO it doesn’t make a good fashion model, fashion is long and lean, she’s nether, and frankly for all the attention put on her face, I don’t think shes that pretty at all

    every bit of criticism she gets she made for her self

  • Anonymous

    haha i go to her high scool… i always uused to see her around…. shes not even tht pretty…
    she was a nerd, she used to walk round scool thinkin she was top…but she wasnt and didnt hav ny frends…

  • hektic

    haha i go to her high scool… i always uused to see her around…. shes not even tht pretty…
    she was a nerd, she used to walk round scool thinkin she was top…but she wasnt and didnt hav ny frends…

    she doesnt deserve to be a model…. she was abully on antm


  • anonymous

    true beauty lies inside. and YOU dont have that beauty.

  • anonymous


    so what if she was just then 16?!

    that isn’t REALLY a VALID excuse for her behavior!

    she shouldn’t have won!!

    i hate her..

    and everybody does (except those bitches who do mean things like her)

  • Vivi

    demelza is a joke. i don’t think she is high fashion. i like auntm more than antm because auntm found a true top model in alice burdeu which gave credibility to auntm. but after demelza won i felt sick in my stomach. demelza is a liar. oh well, atleast alamela is modeling in asia unlike demelza who went no where in her career.

  • Vivi

    also i would like to add that caris should have been in the final 3 instead of demelza. demelza pictures were average and she gave the same blank pretty expression in every shot. also, caris, alexandra, and sam were strong modelers unlike demelza. the producers and jodhi meares disgust me because they favor a horrible girl. jodhi meares and johnanthon, you two don’t know what true fashion model is like when you two were against alice burdeu. i only liked charlotte and alex perry during the show because they knew if a girl is going to make it in modeling or not unlike jodhi.

  • Vivi

    thank you for that piece of info. of demelza didn’t have any friends and she was a nerd. demelza claimed on the show that she was bully at school but she end up bullying people on the show like alamela. demelza was also mean to sam and alexandra. alexandra was called fake by demelza while demelza was acting fake the whole time.

  • Anonymous

    I watched all of the episodes of AUNTM cycle 4 and I was disappointed that Demelza won the competition.
    Bad attitude, a body that doesn’t really “fit” into the high fashion industry stuck on a “pretty” face that’s all to it for Demelza.
    I think karma really has it’s way around because despite with her chocolate ad she has not broken through high fashion.

  • DutchGirl

    you sum up everything I wanted to say about Demelza, and I’m happy that there’s someone that thinks the same with me about Caris because I really think she deserves to be the winner. It’s a shame that Demelza wins, shes just really fake and its scares me because she’s only 16 and she can manipulate people so well that Australia actually voted for a bully to be a top model!