Beyond The Darklands: Katherine Knight - Episode 8

In this week’s episode of BEYOND THE DARKLANDS, meet the woman who committed a crime so barbaric it shocked the world.

Katherine Knight committed a murder that’s almost incomprehensible. In February 2000, the former abattoir worker stabbed her de facto husband to death, skinned him and then cooked his body parts in a pot on the stove. She then proceeded to set the table for his children’s arrival, complete with vindictive letters.

This appalling murder shows the darkest reaches of the human mind. Katherine Knight is Australia’s first and only women to be jailed for the remainder of her life without parole.

Tonight clinical psychologist Dr Leah Giarratano takes us inside the mind of Australia’s most vicious female killer and explains why she comes from Beyond the Darklands.

Could it be possible that Katherine Knight was sane when she committed this murder? How could someone in their right mind commit an act so completely deranged?

In Beyond The Darklands, interviews with those who knew them best as well as the police who investigated their crimes allows Dr Giarratano to dissect their personalities and ultimately offer some insight into why they committed these horrific crimes.

How did these fearsome criminals come to be – was it their upbringing, their influences or were they born evil?


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