MasterChef Australia Top 20: Andre Ursini

Andre Ursini
Age: 28
Home Town: Parkside, Adelaide, SA
Marital Status: In A Relationship
Profession: Project Manager
Cooking Style: Italian

“The judges think I’m cocky and arrogant and I want to prove to Australia that I’m not”

Having recently bagged himself his perfect woman, Italian boy Andre is finding time apart from his new love difficult, and is especially worried about what her family will think of his TV debut.

“I’ve made an impression on the judges already, as they think I’m cocky and while I have strong opinions, I don’t want to come across like that, especially to my girlfriend’s family who I’ve barely met. I made some comments about the poor food culture in South Australia that the judges thought was arrogant, but what I really mean is that the culture of pokey machine pubs is hurting the food industry in a small town like Adelaide.”

Having cooked from an early age, Andre describes himself as an experimental cook.

“I’m quite progressive in the kitchen. I do a dish, love it, but then try different things each time. I love polenta; you can do that so many different ways. I even love cooking with goat!”

“I like most things but I don’t cook any other cuisine apart from Italian. Italian is such a broad cuisine and there is much to do with refining that technique.”

With his dream to become a restaurateur, ambitious Andre has left behind the project management business he set up with his brother in law.

“In the last two years I was progressing towards hospitality and the passion has intensified. As soon as I saw the advert for MasterChef on TV I jumped at the chance.”

“The past few years have been tough trying to get my own project management business of the ground and a lot is starting to come to fruition. However, I had to take this opportunity, and with or without MasterChef, I will succeed in my own way.”

Burned in the past trying to set up a restaurant business with friends that never got off the ground, Andre has learned some valuable lessons.

“I had a concept for a café that didn’t work. I lost money and friendships but learned heaps and am still young enough to recover.”

With his eye on the prize, Andre looks up to judge George Calombaris.

“I want to impress George, We have the same love of Italian cooking and its values and I can relate to him.”

“I do tend to slip a few meat stocks into vegetarian dishes! I can’t really be doing with vegetarians!”

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