Beyond The Darklands Series Return: Neddy Smith

9:30pm – Monday, August 17 on Seven

In the series return of BEYOND THE DARKLANDS, we take a look into the mind of Australia’s most notorious gangster, Arthur Neddy Smith.

As a career criminal, Neddy Smith enjoyed the protection of corrupt NSW police during the 1970s and 80s, most notably from disgraced former detective Roger Rogerson. He was given the “greenlight” to commit any crimes he wanted in return for giving favourable evidence about a police shooting.

He rode a wave of criminal success organising armed robberies and dealing heroin that earned him millions of dollars and a lifestyle that matched.

When the police protection deal fell apart, Neddy blew the whistle on a decade of police corruption, sparking a Royal Commission.

Clinical psychologist Dr Leah Giarratano explains why Neddy Smith embarked on the life path he did. Now 64 years old, he is serving a life sentence in prison for murder, never to be released.

Was Neddy Smith simply a product of the poisonous environment he was raised in? If he’d had a better upbringing, would he still have become a killer?

In BEYOND THE DARKLANDS, interviews with those who knew them best as well as the police who investigated their crimes allows Dr Giarratano to dissect their personalities and ultimately offer some insight into why they committed these horrific crimes.

How did these fearsome criminals come to be – was it their upbringing, their influences or were they born evil?


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  • Brenda

    Beyond the Darklands rocks!

  • Hannah

    so far ive seen about 10 mins and i can only say, what a load of crap! ok, the guy has issues but to say he was planning his first rape at 5 who are you kidding…and good luck to anyone who believes it. OH and the school friends who remember suck intent details, as if!

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