ICU: A Matter Of Life Or Death Coming To Seven

The Seven Network’s award winning factual programming department brings another observational documentary to television with ICU: A Matter of Life or Death.

ICU: A Matter of Life or Death takes viewers on an unprecedented journey alongside Intensive Care Unit patients, their families and medical staff at The Alfred hospital.

More than 1800 patients pass through The Alfred’s ICU each year. ICU: A Matter of Life or Death portrays the drama, tenderness, joy and sorrow of the unit, its patients and their families.

Seven follows the patients for days, weeks and months, documenting their stay in the ICU and other parts of the hospital, and the miracles that the medical and nursing staff perform every day.

Series producer Maxine Gray says the challenge in creating ICU: A Matter of Life or Death was to make the medically-complex environment accessible to the viewer.

“We soon found that we had two great ‘storytellers’: the families of the patients, who experience an incredibly intense emotional journey while their loved one is in the ICU, and the Intensive Care staff, who are doing everything in their power to make the patient better,” says Gray.

“The ICU is a very inspiring place.

“It’s an intense environment where everything is at stake and yet families frequently discover a level of strength and courage they didn’t know they had. At the same time the doctors and nurses provide a level of care and humanity that’s just incredible.”

ICU: A Matter of Life or Death premieres on Channel Seven in 2010.

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