Secrets Of The Forbidden City

8:40pm – Monday, January 18 on ABC1

The extraordinary true story behind the building of the largest palace on earth, The Forbidden City in Beijing.

For six centuries The Forbidden City has been at the heart of China. It remains one of mankind’s greatest historic and architectural icons. Now this spectacular film uses the latest discoveries, combined with compelling drama to reveal the secrets of how the Forbidden City was built, by the all-powerful Ming emperor Yongle, who would stop at nothing to achieve his amazing vision.

The film explores the incredible logistical and technical effort required to build a palace of 9000 rooms that formed the core of Yongle’s new capital, Beijing. Over a million workers toiled to create the emperor’s dream. And, newly translated ancient texts in fact reveal that Yongle had no real right to call himself emperor, and no right to build a palace of his own. It was raised on the blood of others. This warlord had clawed his way to the top, fought foul, betrayed his own family and killed all in his path, to steal the throne.

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