Superspy: The Man Who Betrayed The West

9:35pm – Tuesday, January 12 on ABC1

This is the inside story of the hunt to trap the most damaging spy of all time. Based on witness testimony and official case records that remained secret until now, it’s about betrayal from within, by a traitor believed to be a friend.

In the heart of Washington DC there’s a spy among the very people charged with protecting the nation – the FBI. The traitor must be uncovered before he betrays more precious secrets. How can the traitor be netted and can the shocking claims be probed without alerting a man who knows every trick of the spying trade.

The treachery of turncoat FBI boss Robert Hanssen led to the torture and death of several agents and cost the United States billions of dollars. The most sensitive spy-on-spy mission ever mounted was handed to 27-year-old rookie Eric O’Neill who, with only four years experience at the FBI, had to draw out the 25-year veteran spymaster and catch him off guard.

Using O’Neill’s testimony and a stylishly crafted reconstruction, the operation which had been underway for nearly two decades, reached a nerve-wracking climax when ‘Graysuit’ was arrested at a ‘dead drop’ in a park near his home.

The details of Hanssen’s double life were extraordinary. The father of six who was a God-fearing guardian of state security on the outside was revealed as a man who posted bizarre sex fantasies on the internet and rigged a secret bedroom camera so his voyeur friend could watch Hanssen having sex with his school-teacher wife.

There was no manual for a mission like this. In the secret world of counter-intelligence it was a nightmare scenario. The spy catchers had a spy in their midst. Now Robert Hanssen is serving life in prison – in solitary confinement.

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  • Peter2701

    Stylishly crafted reconstruction? You gotta be joking!

    I turned it off after 10 minutes after having to put up with the constant deliberate jiggling of the cameras, the whoooshing sounds every time the cameras zoomed in, and the rapid panning from left to right and vice versa. All very common with American documentaries.

    They think its great camera work and effects etc. Its crap.

    The Melbourne Age Green Guide said it might as well have been an episode of Get Smart – which I think is an insult to Get Smart.

    • Roland Van Liew

      Shaky camera work is not “art,” it is indeed trash. The “Blair Witch” phenomenon has infected the American movie industry to the point that many films are just unwatchable.