Gnow Or Never

8:00pm – Thursday, February 4 on ABC1

In recognition of the cultural values of an endangered species in their area, a community in the very small, isolated wheat and sheep farming town of Ongerup in Western Australia have taken on a mammoth task to save their Gnowangerup Shire faunal emblem, the ‘gnow’ (Noongar is its Aboriginal name) or malleefowl from local extinction.

Narrated by Australian country musician John Williamson, Gnow Or Never tells the story of the challenge this dedicated community face, the rewards and the successes they achieve and the developing natural environmental interest from all sectors in pursuit of the long-term survival of their ‘malleehen’.

The malleefowl is a strange, ground-dwelling bird that has survived mass land clearing, feral predators and bushfires. How long this unique and vulnerable species can last is dependent on the struggle to reverse the destruction of the past.

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