Australia's got talent - Episode 1 recap

The 2010 season of Australia’s Got Talent kicked off tonight with auditions in Melbourne and Sydney. Melbourne bought an impressive amount of talent to kick off the show… along with our panel of judges this year Brian McFadden, Danni Minogue and Kyle Sandilands to help us decide who’s in the running for the cash prize.

Starting off in style we had K Star Evolutionz, a 22 person dance team made up of 8-18 year olds, who practise in their “dance studio” otherwise known as their coach Kim’s garage. They give an impressive performance and have their coach and members of the audience wiping tears from their eyes. Danni proclaims it’s the easiest yes she’s ever said, 3 strong yes’s from the judges and they’re off to the next round.

Next up we have Miss Gypsey Whitemoon with her comedy routine that lasted a matter of seconds, followed by Heather Cook with her broadway singing attempt. Both contestants were sent away without a single yes from the judges.

The Swingchesters were up next with their Swing/Jitterbug routine, wowing the judges with their energy and skill at the impressive age of 84 years old. Married for 42 years and showing the crowd that “it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still do it”. Brian tells Ron and Margaret Winchester “You two are an example of what living life is all about!” It’s onto the next round for the Swingchesters.

Daniel Chrisp makes the judges gasp and cringe with his flexibility in his circus straps routine.  The judges buzz him when he admits that yes, that is his real body, but his talent is definitely noticed on the stage.

Clara MacIndoe attempts her barrel contortion routine but the judges are less than impressed with her lack of enthusiasm, but Brian adds a bit of humour to her routine by trying to fit through the barrel himself, realising it’s not a talent for him. Clara is told to develop as a performer and Danni tells her she’s the “most nervous person we’ve ever seen on stage, ever”. Her first smile of the performance was when she was told she wouldn’t be going through.

Audience participation was the name of the game in this next act. 45 year old Elvi Pez wowed, or was it shocked us all with his original musical act which he named “Dumb Computer”. Brian invited a little girl from the audience to buzz him off, but he kept going, Kyle also gets audience members to buzz him off, and finally he stops. However eventually Danni was the only one who gave Elvi a no, telling him “if these buttons had words written on them it would say Alt, Ctrl, Del” Elvi is off to the next round, much to the surprise of the audience.

A few acts to exercise the buzzers … Stefan with his solo drama performance, Kevin Rudd rapping as K-rap, and Gary Pitts with his song “knife fork spoon” which can only be described as odd and slightly creepy.

It was a breath of fresh air to see some more talent arise with 38 year old costume maker Valentina Dobric giving us an opera perfomance that saw her go through to the next round with a unanimous yes.

Brian tells the next contestants “you just made me like ballet” when two 13 year old girls bring us their “secret garden” ballet performance, and you’ll be seeing more of their talent in the next round.

Calipower dance troupe were “just a bit scary”, but our next performer known only as “The Yo-Yo guy” got a strong three yes’s from the judges and a convincing yes from the audience.

WOW is the only word to describe the next performer, at the young age of 12 years old Breanne Bishop performed Kristen Chenoweth - Wicked - Popular Popular from the musical Wicked with amazing energy, facials, actions … and all this with a cold. She got a standing ovation from the crowd as well as the judges, and there was no hesitation sending her to the next round, with Danni explaiming “I would give you a job if I was casting for something right now!”, and Kyle telling Breanne “I hate musical theatre, I hate it’s guts, but you were fantastic”. This won’t be the last we see of Breanne Bishop.

The judges are impressed with our next performers including a beatboxer, and Kenji Ang giving us a popping and dance demonstration. But the square dancers up next with their live “doe a deer” performance was the “most boring piece of dribble we’ve ever seen”. It’s a strong no.

Next up we have The Beaver Shakers … a dance team with a range of songs, including the Los del Río - Hits of the 90's - Macarena Macarena and even features a contortionist in their humourous but talented performance.

Rolling entertainment gives us a wheel of a time with their roller skating performance, dressed like it’s 1975, and performing to The Trammps - Saturday Night Fever (The Original Movie Soundtrack) [Remastered] - Disco Inferno Disco Inferno by The Trammps … a performance that took the judges by surprise with their flips, stunts, and jumps. Kyle liked the womens costumes even more than the performance, and it was a unanimous yes from the judges. Rolling entertainment will be skating into the next round.

Going from a duo, to a single performer, and then to 2 single acts were father and son duo Cameron and Taylor Henderson. Their guitar and singing duo didn’t impress judges so much but they were keen to hear more, getting Taylor to perform on his own, followed by Cameron. From the moment Taylor started singing you could see girls swooning in the audience. Both father and son are through to the next round as Brian explains “you are two stars in your own right”.

Finishing up the Melbourne talent pool we had Alana Conway with her singing and harp performance, followed by Julie Anne’s out of tune feedback singing performance, but the talent stepped it up for the last act of the city.

Bobby Andonov, a 15 year old boy who started singing at the age of 9, sings Leonard Cohen - More Best of Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen and blows the audience and judges away with the talent that they don’t think he realises he even has. Danni tells us it’s her favourite version of that song that she’s ever heard, and they send this “goldmine of talent” onto the next round without a doubt.

Onto the first half of the sydney auditions to see if they have what it takes to make the next round.

Rosie the crocodile and her tamer give us an interesting performance, and Kyle gets a crocodile kiss on the cheek, but it’s not enough for him to put them through. However Danni and Brian disagree and with 2 yes’s Rosie and her tamer are through to the next round to show us some more.

42 year old Kim Pickering-Jones may just be Australia’s Susan Boyle… and with Susan being her idol, she steps up to the microphone to give us a stunning performance. She’s through to the next round with 3 resounding yes’s.

Our last act of the night can only be described as …. well I don’t think there’s a word for it. This 40 year old english teacher, who walks on stage covered in paint, and introduces himself simply as The Watermelon Man, gives us an unforgettably “interesting” performance in body movement which involves dancing with watermelons and then smashing them on his head. For some reason the judges want to see more, so he’s heading through to the next round.

We’ll return next week with more auditions including the other half of the Sydney talent… let’s see if we have as much variety as this week.

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