Australia's Got Talent judges already upsetting contestants

Australia’s Got Talent has only been back for one episode and already buzzed contestants are speaking out in annoyance at judge Kyle Sandilands’ comments fired their way while on the show.

A square dancing troupe and a middle-aged Melbourne singer are among those to have criticised the judges over comments they made about them while they were on stage in front of both a studio and TV audience.

Sandilands asked Melbourne woman Heather Cook whether she was male or female.

“I felt the whole experience was devastating, and very unfair and unnecessary, and he destroyed any opportunity I had of demonstrating my voice to its fullest potential.” She said following the show.

Darren Taylor of the square dancing troupe has shown his annoyance over the way the judges launched into him and his fellow members as soon as they walked out on stage.

“I have never experienced anything like it before,” he said.

“But as soon as we walked out Brian (McFadden) buzzed us. He said one of our girls looked like a toilet-roll doll. Dannii (Minogue) also zeroed in on what we were wearing and Kyle said I had my jumper tucked into my pants.”

He is also claiming that his troupe did not sign up for the show, instead that they were asked by producers of Seven’s show to perform.

“We didn’t apply. They called us and said they really wanted square dancers this year because they wanted it to be a community show.”

But Taylor believes the producers set them up to recieve a hiding from the judges, all for the sake of entertainment.

A Seven spokeswoman has said judging was no harsher than previous years.

Source: Herald Sun

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    For god sake, its a reality TV show, people have to expect this.