Underbelly: The Golden Mile: 'Fall Guy' - Episode 4

8:30pm – Sunday, April 25 on Channel Nine

Nightclub Doorman Benny Kassab steps out of King’s Cross Boss Bill Bayeh’s shadow and distributes drugs in secret, creating tension against the Bayeh brothers, and inadvertently prompting an attack on Louis Bayeh’s house.

Detective Sergeant Trevor Haken’s increased alcoholism and paranoia takes a toll on his marriage. He accuses his wife of having an affair with Detective Sergeant Neville ‘Scully’ Scullion and when he discovers it’s not true, Mrs. Haken demands to be driven to her mother’s place, but they never make it – a car accident occurs.

Prostitute Kim Hollingsworth falls for Sergeant Dave and is persuaded, along with younger sister Melissa and friend Galina, to strip for a police charity, only to discover he has taken off with their money.

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