Underbelly: The Golden Mile: 'Kingdom Come' - Episode 3

8:30pm – Sunday, April 18 on Channel Nine

Det. Sgt. Trevor Haken sinks deeper into corruption; striking up a deal with Kings Cross Boss, Billy Bayeh, in order to control competition and police raids in the area. After turning her back on the VIP escort service, Kim Hollingsworth is drawn back to prostitution when she’s rejected by the Police Academy.

Surviving an accidental shooting in Bill Bayeh’s gaming room, John Ibrahim is offered further fatherly advice by George Freeman – his final piece of wisdom before his death.

Newly promoted Chief Inspector Dennis Kelly privately meets the lawyer for the daughter of Government Minister Ken Wallis, assisting him in getting drink driving charges against the Minister’s daughter dismissed.

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  • albi

    Anyone else finding that when they are viewing episode 3 Golden Mile on ninemsn website that when they get to 30 minutes the screen freezes? Can hear the rest of episode but screen frozen.

  • sha

    does anyone know where i can watch episode 3 apart from the chanel 9 website?