Gory Being Human scenes edited out by ABC

Scenes from the season premiere of Being Human were edited out by ABC after they ruled them too gory.

The scenes involved a character covered in blood after an experiment went wrong and due to the graphic nature of the images ABC cut the brief clip.

An ABC spokesperson had this to say: “Each episode in the first series last year is classified M, and so is able to be broadcast during an M time zone without edits. So far in the second series three episodes have been classified, and only one of these has been classified MA and required edits for the M timeslot.

“At M our ABC Code of Practice states that violence “generally should not contain a lot of detail, and not be prolonged”. In the episode in question some of the details were edited so as to lessen the impact of the treatment of violence in order to be able to accommodate the program in an M timeslot.”

The episode screened at 8:30pm which is an hour earlier than the first season’s episodes of the show screened last year.

Being Human continues tonight on ABC2.

Source: TV Tonight


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