Underbelly: The Golden Mile: Hurt On Duty - Episode 10

8:30pm – Sunday, June 6 on Channel Nine

Inspector Graham “Chook” Fowler and Detective Sergeant Neville Scullion are summonsed to testify at the Royal Commission. The Kings Cross detectives agree that if they all hold the line, the Commission won’t uncover a thing.

Meanwhile, former bent cop Trevor Haken risks his life and wears a wire to his meetings with drug dealer Bill Bayeh and fellow police officers to expose police corruption in Kings Cross. A conflicted man, Trevor worries about betraying his friend Graham “Chook” Fowler. In the Commission’s hearing room, Fowler denies that he’s ever acted in a corrupt fashion, only to be confronted with footage of him taking a bribe from Trevor. The covert capacity of the Royal Commission is revealed, as is Trevor Haken’s status as a ‘supergrass.’ Kim Hollingsworth continues her police training whilst also risking her life to work undercover for the Royal Commission.

Eddie Gould, suspicious, comes very close to uncovering Kim’s wire. Adding to her woes, Kim’s colourful past comes back to haunt her when she is sacked from the Goulburn Police Academy for failing to declare her former profession as a prostitute.

Danny “DK” Karam and Hammer’s addiction to drugs spirals out of control, prompting a robbery against Bill Bayeh.

Robbing the man they are paid to protect causes further conflict between Hammer and John, taking their relationship to breaking point and causing them to come to blows.

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