7mate on Prime to Launch same time as 7mate in the Cities

A rather positive sign for those who live in regional NSW and Victoria, with digital channel 63’s title changing over to “7mate on Prime” already. The channel itself is still showing the same content as Prime with an EPG reflecting that same programming.

In Sydney, digital channel 73’s EPG shows “7mate is coming…” while the channel itself show’s the same content as Seven.

When 7TWO launched in the cities last November, it was months before Prime took the channel on leaving many viewers frustrated at being left behind on many shows airing for the first time on 7TWO. Technical and infrastructure reasons were given as teh reason.

The fact that Prime is already acknowledging the arrival of 7mate is indicative of a simultaneous launch date across Seven and Prime for the new channel.

The next step before 7mate launches will be for the HD channel 70 to close down, allowing for 73 to become HD. In the case of Prime, it is the HD channel 60 that will be closed down to make way for 7mate on Prime on channel 63.

7mate is the Seven network’s third channel, and launches with HD coverage of the AFL Grand Final on September 25, 2010. Following the Footy, 7mate will break into its own programming. Programming details should be available early September.

Norte – you will most likely need to rescan your digital tuner in order for the changes to be updated.

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  • matty

    I suspect this means regional area’s will be getting 7mate at the same time as Metro area’s.

  • AndrewB

    Yes – 7mate will launch on Prime September 25, the same day as the metros.