Ronan Keating disappointed with fellow judges on The X Factor last night

It was a night of highs and lows for Ronan Keating last night after he lost another contestant from THE X FACTOR competition – Amanda Grafanakis – after she polled the lowest public vote alongside India-Rose Madderom.

After singing off in the final showdown Kyle Sandilands, Natalie Imbruglia and Guy Sebastian all voted to send Amanda home, over ruling Ronan’s vote to send India packing.

Gracious in defeat, Amanda admitted she felt her time was borrowed and last night would be her last and that she had made peace with it.

Ronan made it known after the show on The Xtra Factor that he believed his fellow judges were out of touch and were not open to the music industry needing a unique performer like Amanda.  

He criticised Kyle for admitting he started leaning towards keeping Amanda in the competition after her outstanding vocals on her showdown performance, but had already made up his mind that he would send Amanda home regardless.

Ronan said a performer like Amanda could hold her own at an international music awards show, while India-Rose wouldn’t stand a chance, reaffirming his colleagues had made the wrong decision.

Ronan’s Boyzone band mates Shane and Mikey agreed and lamented the competition had lost colour and a true artist.

Boyzone reunited in a world exclusive performance of Gave It All Away to pay tribute to their friend and band member, Stephen Gately, who passed away a year ago and Ronan opened the show with one of his biggest hits, Life is a Rollercoaster, alongside Boyzone and the top nine.

THE X FACTOR continues on Seven Sunday night at 7.30pm with rock night. The remaining eight acts will take to the stage with a live band to belt out epic rock anthems.

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  • Caldy Singh

    Amanda is the coolest and classiest woman I have seen on TV and of all contestants and I would definitelybuy her music and go to see her live in concert!!  I hope Ronan can support her further off screen.  With her out of the contest I will no longer watch X Factor.  India Rose is nice enough but ain’t got the class or chops of Amanda!

  • Skelly

    It was the Australian public who voted her into the bottom 2…for the 2nd time I might add. The judges did not put her there.

    My God!! Why doesn’t anyone whinge about those tuneless young boys never being in the bottom 2.

    THAT is what people need to be complaining about. These kids are going to end up making to the end while the likes of Amanda and India Rose are going to be in danger week after week. The teen vote is too strong…to the point where the show is loosing credibility. The voting system needs to change.

    I wonder if all these people, who constantly complain, ever vote…multiple times. Because that is what this show is about – your money.

  • Joanne Carey



    I think Altiyan Childs should consider being INXS’S lead singer.  No one can replace Michael Hutchison but Altiyan is unique, very talented he would be perfect.



    Please consider



    Joanne Carey



    p.s Ronan i think you are awesome by the way.