Undercover Boss Australia: Big4 Holiday Parks - S01E04

8.30pm Monday, November 8 on Ten

It will be a first day on the job like no other. After a brief first meet with his senior management team, incoming BIG4 holiday parks CEO Ray Schleibs has opted to spend his first day undercover.

What better way to gain first-hand experi- ence and a unique perspective into the nu- merous jobs the park owners and staff who make up the BIG4 family, do on a daily basis.

Under the guise of “Jim”, a man interested in investing in a holiday park, Ray travels the country taking on a plethora of roles includ- ing cleaning bathroom blocks, making beds and emptying BBQ grease traps.

During his time undercover Ray experi- ences working life in four BIG4 Holiday Parks across the country including; BIG4 Taggerty Holiday Park in Victoria, Cairns Coconut Holi- day Resort, Big4 Atherton Woodlands Tour- ist Park in Queensland and BIG4 Bellarine Holiday Park in Victoria.

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    I am ready to work in
    the mining industry in Australia. My education meets these requirements, a 20-year professional experience (including six years in the mining industry) will
    allow me to be a valuable employee for the company. Through this work I get satisfaction in life, and my family will ensure
    a peaceful life. I was never scared of
    hard work. I was born in the mining town, I live in the coalfield with a lot of
    mines, and my father worked as a
    miner for over 25 years. I have the necessary
    qualities in themselves, and missing elements I learn quickly. Seamlessly
    integrates with the new surroundings.

    My diligence
    and responsibility, will not allow a to
    fail company in the exact execution of the tasks assigned. A 12-year
    total abstinence from alcohol and aversion to nicotine makes me fully
    disposable, especially in urgent situations for the company (in the previous
    facility was summoned by telephone to failure at any time of the day or night).
    In control studies, the doctors said, that my lungs are like a 24-year-old, and
    I’m hearing the 20-year-old. Often I working 16 hours
    for me was the norm, sometimes more than 24 hours. I
    want and know how to be fully committed to the desired case, never ignored and
    I left not any problem, I will do my best to solve any technical problem. With
    great enthusiasm I go to the task and with persistence resolute realize it, effectively
    seeking to target.

    I work in the Maintenance of
    the Movement. With curiosity,
    I learn quickly automatic control
    systems, which contributes to the efficient solution of a machine problem. The fascination with the technical
    possibilities, not limit my time to the
    proper functioning of machines and equipment. One of the factors that ensure the correct and reliable operation
    of automation equipment was carrying out training for the employees of the
    plant. Every day the design, execution and implementation of additional
    automation systems, with electronic programming and fine adjustment control and
    enforcement components, makes the duly doing activities under the scope of my
    responsibilities, actions to optimize production processes.

    technical aptitude, including the use of logical reasoning skills, after
    15-year break, I decided to continue their education at a prestigious technical
    university in Krakow. I want to continually improve their professional skills,
    towards newer and newer technical problems. The quest for an effective
    professional in the field determines the need for
    continuing education in the direction of my profession and education.

    All over the world, all
    devices work in a similar way. They differ only in the name of the company, but the
    goal is the same – must be in working order. Are controlled by electrical
    impulses or compressed gas, drive a mechanical force or
    pressure of fluids, but the logic is the same, because the laws of physics are immutable. There is no
    machine that I would not I be able to fix it, it’s just a matter of time (or
    money). All I can do, I just need to know what are the consequences.

    As an electrician I have to take special care has an impact on increasing
    the safety
    at work, taking advantage of my ability
    to spot bad acts done by another employee. In Australia, lack of electricians, and I’m the

    I want to permanently bind the
    employer, who by satisfying job, provide a decent existence for my family with
    20 years of experience in marriage. I am ready and able to make sacrifices for
    the company, in exchange for
    high remuneration. The decision to change jobs and places of residence of all
    my family, I made as a result of a very attractive
    financial terms offered by the Australian mines, while enhancing electrician
    work by the Australian Government. To make a work in Australia, I am
    ready to immediately, including the sponsorship
    employer such as funding my
    relocation, using such the flight of the Polish plane to
    Australia. Then I’m going to bring his family and settle permanently in the
    area of New South Wales (NSW). So need help from my future employer to rent a
    house for 5 people family, preferably in the vicinity of Sydney.

    Throughout his career I
    do not I have unexcused absences or penalties. I’ve always been a conscientious worker and
    disciplined – properly carrying out their duties of employees, arising out of
    the scope of activities and powers. I believe I that I am fulfill all the
    hopes, to better facilitate the achievement of the objectives of the company.

    Yours sincerely,



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