Ten moves Undercover Boss, and adds new NCIS to Monday nights as well as Tuesdays.

Ten have reacted swiftly to their abysmal Monday night ratings, which saw the network result in shares close to half of what Seven and Nine achieved.

As of next week, Undercover Boss will move to Friday nights at 8.30pm, leaving its Monday night timeslot to be replaced by new episodes of NCIS. That will mean, for now, anyway, there will be TWO new NCIS episodes per week – Monday at 8.30 and Tuesday at 8.30.

The Monday (Feb 14) episode is actually the one that follows the NCIS set air on Tuesday (why not leave them in order?) called Ships In the Night (S8E11). Tuesday (Feb 15) nights’ is False Witness (S8E10).

That aside, this change also means the planned season returns of Law & Order UK and Medium for Friday Feb 18 are now out.

Friday, from Feb 18, now has Undercover Boss at 8.30pm (Norwegian Cruise Line) and Law & Order at 9.30 (Memo From the Dark Side) S20E1 – season premiere.

Ten will be hoping that NCIS on Monday at 8.30 will be able to pull close to the over 1.4 million it achieves on Tuesdays – thereby giving Nine’s Underbelly Files and Seven’s Bones – which also now airs on two nights a week – a run for their money.

My guess is, that Ten will only do the Monday night NCIS episode while Nine has Underbelly Files on – they can only show two episodes of NCIS per week for a few weeks until we catch up with where the US are up to.

Better hope Ten are swift to promote the new Monday night NCIS episode, as people will not notice it is on.


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  • 42HD

    Two new eps of NCIS per week will mean repeats sooner, rather than later. Ch 10 need to come up with another plan and fast.

  • vinny

    So now we will have Law and Order 9.30pm on GEM and on Ten on Fridays with gem showing the classic episodes. I wonder if the Ten programmers are aware of this clash ?

  • no-GO!-zone

    Why would Ten care?