Neighbours stars become Winners & Losers.

Looking at the cast of Winners & Losers, its amazing just how many were once in Neighbours.

Damien Bodie, who plays Jonathon Kurtis in Winners & Losers – Frances’ PA – appeared in Neighbours as Dylan Timmins.

Blair McDonough, who plays Matt O’Conner – Bec’s fiance – appeared in Neighbours as Stuart Parker.

Michala Banas, who plays Tiffany Turner in Winners & Losers, was on Neighbours as Libby Kennedy for 23 episodes.

Nell Feeney-Conner – Bec’s Mum in Winners & Losers – played Janelle Timmins in Neighbours, who also happened to be Dylan’s Mum in Neighbours.

Sarah Grace who is Bridget Grose in Winners & Losers – Jenny’s sister – played Tammy Jones in Neighbours in 2003.

Finally, Stephen Phillips – Zach Armstrong in Winners & Losers played Dr Cameron Hodder in Neighbours in 2003.

Away from Neighbours, Denise Scott – Jenny’s mum in Winners & Losers played Coral Reeves in two episodes of Number 96 in the 1970’s. More recently, of course, Denise has been a regular panellist for Ten’s The 7pm Project.

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Winners & Losers air on Seven, Tuesdays 8.30pm.

Neighbours airs on ELEVEN, weekdays 6.30pm.

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  • Lucy

    Madeline west, deidre grose was dee on neighbours. Toadies wife

  • James

    Anne Phelan who plays Dot Gross also played Top Dog – Myra Desmond in Prisoner and has appeared in Neighbours twice as Doreen Cassidy and Claudia Harvey.