Winners & Losers: World's Collide - Episode 4

8:30pm – Tuesday, April 5 on Seven

This week on WINNERS & LOSERS, Jenny throws a party to celebrate Bec and Matt setting the wedding date. The event brings everyone together for the first time – and with it, more than a few surprises.

The morning after the night before sees all the girls dealing with ramifications of the evening, before Bec makes a shock announcement regarding her special day.

WINNERS & LOSERS stars MELANIE VALLEJO as Sophie Wong, MELISSA BERGLAND as Jenny Gross, VIRGINIA GAY as Frances James, ZOE TUCKWELL-SMITH as Rebecca Gilbert, BLAIR MCDONOUGH as Matt O’Connor, DAMIEN BODIE as Jonathan Kurtiss, STEPHEN PHILLIPS as Zach Armstrong, TOM WREN as Doug Graham, DENISE SCOTT as Trish Gross, FRANCIS GREENSLADE as Brian Gross, SARAH GRACE as Bridget Gross, JACK PEARSON as Patrick Gross, MIKE SMITH as Callum Gilbert, MICHALA BANAS as Tiffany Turner, CHRISTIE WHELAN as Kylie Macdonald and LAWRENCE MOONEY as Trevor Meyers.

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