Chris and Carrie

With their movie-star looks these twenty-somethings seem to have the energy, skill and determination to beat any competition.

Chris and Carrie (both 27) have been together for 10 years. They met while still in school, working part-time jobs, and hit it off when they discovered a common love of travel. They have spent most of their 20s doing just that.

Carrie always knew Chris would eventually propose, but when and how came completely out of left field. “He dropped to one knee and asked me while we were on a train to visit Hiroshima in Japan,” she said. Chris just thought it was the right moment. “And I wanted it to be really memorable. Would you forget that?” They’ve been married for 18 months.

The couple live in Caringbah, part of the Sutherland Shire in Sydney’s south. Carrie works in customer service for an airline while Chris is a structural landscaper. They both harbour an abiding passion for renovating and being on The Block. They narrowly missed out on being cast for The Block 2010 but they’re nothing if not persistent, and this year here they are. Chris warns everyone that they are ultra-competitive: “We mean to win and we’re up for anything.”

They already have two renovations under their belt: a two-bedroom unit renovated in three months for just $25,000 and a four-bedroom house renovated over 15 months. “We renovated the house while we were living in it, so we know what it takes to win The Block,” says Carrie.

Chris reckons his only weakness is being a perfectionist and having no patience when tradesmen are late or don’t turn up, while Carrie tends to over-react when things go off the rails. “But Chris is the one who remains cool and calm,” she says. “We both know problems don’t fix themselves.”

Together they operate like a well-oiled machine. Carrie has the design eye while Chris gets on with the job. “I work out what I’d like then get out of the way and let him make it a reality,” she says. 

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