• ben2011

    didnt channel 9 do a fat celebrity weight loss show ages ago which failed?

    cant remember what is was called but i recall it had peter phelps on it…

    also, what happened to ch.9′s politically incorrect parenting show…. they were promoting that a while back.. maybe they thought it was better left for non-ratings period because it didnt sound like a ratings winner

  • Courtney Rose Lewdon

    Are you talking about Celebrity Overhaul?

  • ben2011

    yes that would be the one!

  • q10

    Although I hate to admit it, it looks like ch 9 will be strong competition for ch 7, esp with the olympics. Would 2012 be the year that ch 9 regains the crown?

  • Christopher2011

    Nine Network 2012. Highly Anticipated. Certain Success.

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