Ajay Rochester: Nine should have 'some faith in Excess Baggage'

Excess Baggage celebrity contestant, television presenter and weight loss advocate, Ajay Rochester has hit back at the Nine Network on her blog over its treatment of the ailing weight-loss reality show.

The blog post, ‘Channel 9 Have some balls!’ on her site, Finding My Mojo, contained thoughts from the outspoken ex-Biggest Loser hostess who has competed alongside ordinary Australian Matt Palmer in the show.

Okay, I am currently stuck on the bum’s f@ck end of Australia, Kangaroo Island, when the ratings/channel say that we should move channels…’ Rochester introduces.

Come on channel nine, have some faith. Excess baggage is a grower not a shower! Don’t flick US (our show) off onto another channel in the first week without standing behind the product you sell.  SHAME ON YOU!’

Rochester goes on to assure her fans that she is not in it for the money, and that she is not afraid to speak her mind.

‘I know that I risk not ever being employed by channel nine again, but I also did that with channel 10… seriously, channel nine….omg  the irony here is that in REAL life we want QUICK fixes but they don’t work …well it is the same with [Excess Baggage]. It gives real life solutions to healing your life! You want to heal your life watch our show!’ Rochester continued.

She also branded her former show as a ‘non-reality’ format and a ‘starvation routine’ in the process to convey her point that Baggage was a better show.

She ended her blog by pleading with fans to follow the show to GO!. ‘…if  you do send us to GO channel then for goodness sake Australia, follow us and prove that this incredible show is worth the effort we have all put into it.’

Nine moved Excess Baggage to GO! yesterday (effective from Monday) after disappointing ratings. The show has had mixed reviews and was one of the bigger risks in Nine’s schedule due to a much criticised promotional campaign.

From Monday, it will debut on the multichannel where it left off from tonight, at 6.30pm. Big Bang Theory repeats fill the 7PM void for now. There is no episode tomorrow.

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