Cricket Superstar - Episode Seven - Who Will Be Eliminated as Matthew Hayden Guest Stars

Tonight on Cricket Superstar there are only 7 wannabes left after last weeks shock triple elimination that saw Mason, Justin and Richard leave. Tonight the theme is pressure and the fight for skipper is on. The boys must predict who will bat first and how many runs the team will get in the Ryobi Cup when the Victorian Bushrangers take on the Brisbane Balls.

Ben guesses VIC for 273, Chris – VIC for 261, Josh – VIC for 270, Jake – QLD 215, James – VIC 309,  Dutchie – VIC 287 and David – VIC 230. The boys head to the Gabba to see the game and Jake gets the baggy green cap for the second time for being the only one to pick QLD. The boys are at a training session and are playing like it was a real match but are in the nets. The boys then start getting heckled and it’s getting to the boys and they have no idea what’s going on. Chris abuses the guy back and Graham let’s them know that he’s there to teach them that they will get sledged and will need to give it as well as recieve.

The boys are told that they will be strapped to heart monitors and who ever keeps their cool the most will win the challenge, oh, while skydiving. Jake, Ben, Josh and Graham are in group one and are Josh is looking scared. At 12,000 feet Graham is first then Jake (162), Josh (162) and then Ben (163). Graham looks rather green, but Josh who was so scared has loved it.

Group two is Chris, Dutchie, James and David and Dutchie is sweating bullets. David’s heart rate is already at 100 while on the ground while the other boys are at 80. Dutchie is up first (137), Chris (162) James (171) and David (153). David does well for being nervous early on but yet again Ian “Dutchie” Holland has won again.

The boys head of to their first night game against the Sunshine Coast Scorchers. As there are only 7 boys left, Graham will step in as wicket keeper and they will also get two players from the Scorchers, but to make up the 11, Sam Brandon is back. He is not back in the competition, just here to help out. Jake wins the toss and chooses to bat first.

James and Chris bat first and Chris gets off to a great start and are 0/80. Chris is out and are 1/82 and Jake comes out to bat and Border wants to see him perform and he does well. The boys end up on 4/158 in this 20/20.

David opens the bowling, but doesn’t do so well and Border isn’t that impressed with his overall performance. The Scorchers need 15 runs from the last over and choose Sam to bowl, wise move seeing as he can’t be eliminated. The Superstars have won! David and Josh have impressed the least but James wins man of the match.

The boys meet Matthew Hayden and he explains to them how to handle pressure, wether it be internal or external. They get a lesson in batting, catching and then head to the nets.

The boys head into dismissal and I fear it will be David this week. Jake gets praised for his leadership but hasn’t shown enough so is not safe. The top order is James, Dutchie and Chris. Border is worried about Chris’s ankle injury though. All are safe

The middle order is Ben and Josh, but Graham thinks they are floating through and need to try harder, but both are safe. That leaves the tailenders being David and Jake. I’m shocked Jake is in the bottom but both are safe as AB decided thathe wants another week to see who should stay and who should go.

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