Be bombarded - Be Very Bombarded - by Nine Coming soon promos EVERYWHERE!

Not only do we have to endure countless coming soon ads, on screen advertising and NRL commentary team cross promotions for new shows coming to Nine after Easter, but now we are about to be hit by a wave of newspaper, outdoor and bus ads, as well as anywhere else Nine can shove an ad in front of potential viewers.

After being whipped in the 2012 ratings race so far by Seven, Nine are sure trying to make us stand up and take notice of what is coming to Nine “soon” – or, to be more accurate, after the Easter non-ratings period, which concludes April 14.

The picture above is an ad for The Block on a billboard at a train station, below an ad for The Voice on a Sydney bus.

The Voice premieres on Nine Sunday April 15, at 6.30pm, while The Block will air at 7pm weeknights from April 16.

But lets not forget… they did the same for Excess Baggage. Ads everywhere. Buses, trains stations, billboards, on air – and look how that show went…

No matter how much viewers are bombarded by ads, a show will either perform or not perfoem on its own merits. But there is also always the risk of over-exposure and over-promotion – which Nine are dangerously close to reaching.

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