Dani and Dan

STYLE: Eclectic contemporary

Not every couple can say they met in the back of a stretch Hummer. But that’s exactly how it was for Dan, 28, and Dani, 26, from Melbourne.

“We were celebrating a mutual friend’s birthday in London and Dan was brought along as a potential date for the birthday girl,” recalls Dani. “Needless to say I got in first.”

Dan, a carpenter, and Dani, a business analyst, recently purchased their own apartment in Richmond, just around the corner from the last series of The Block.

“We had planned to apply for the last series but Dan went and broke his wrist,” says Dani. “We were heartbroken when we saw the couples renovating around The Block from our house, so this year we were even more determined to get in.”

Dani has no renovation experience, while Dan’s is confined to his carpentry trade which has seen him work on numerous restaurant renovations and shop fit-outs.

“We may not be the most experienced, but I reckon my creativity and willingness to learn, matched with Dan’s carpentry knowledge and attention to detail, will be enough to get the job done,” says Dani.

“With Dani’s flair for design and my finishing skills, our rooms will be a cut above the rest,” Dan boldly claims.

“Dan also possesses unrelenting determination to get the job done. We don’t ever say die, and that’s our secret weapon,” adds Dani.

Like any couple, these two acknowledge that they have their weaknesses. Dan can be a little single-minded at times (Dani says he has selective hearing), and Dani has a tendency to get stressed out easily (especially if Dan pushes her buttons).

Both agree that Dan is the more practical one, especially when it comes to budgeting.

They describe their design style as modern and industrial, bordering on the eclectic.

“I’d say our style is ever-evolving, often influenced by our mood at any given time or even by something we may have seen that day,” says Dan.

Dan is a keen golfer who also goes to the gym to pump weights and Dani shares his passion for fitness, regularly taking part in early-morning boot-camp drills.

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