Home and Away recap - 12 to 16 March 2012


This week on Home & Away………………….


- New girl Christie an apparant close friend of Stu’s has set out to make Sasha’s life hell. Sasha’s only friend at School is new girl Ashleigh, Christie said to Sasha that no one likes her except for Ashleigh making both Sasha and Ashleigh quite uncomfortable as they were the only ones in the room aside from Christie’s two other friends who do stuff for her (mean girls anyone??). Ashleigh decided she couldn’t be Sasha’s friend anymore even though I could tell she wanted to be. Christie also put her foot in Sasha’s foot making her limp, Christie claimed it was an accident but we all know it was deliberate. Sasha has also been getting all these emails with the word Killer on it. Sasha also got delievered a package which was a doll with the back of its head taken out. There was a memorial held at the School for Stu and Sasha wanted to go but she didn’t and instead held her own at home with Dex & Indi standing next to her. Things aren’t going well for poor Sasha but I have to say Demi’s actiing is superb.

- Sid got offered a job with the flying doctors and wanted his family to move to the Outback partly to get Sasha away from Summer bay high. At first they agreed but then had a secret meeting and decided that they didn’t want to move to the outback. Hopefully Sid will get his job back at the hospital.

- John & Gina are in a rough patch. Gina saw Brax handing John over a sum of money, this made Gina angry because John didn’t tell her anything about it. John moved out and into SBH while Alf is away in Thailand with Sal & Miles helping Miles build school in Thailand (I am unsure of how long Alf will be away for but I think its a few months but he is coming back). John will take over his role in SBH while he is away and while Gina is still angry. Hopefully those two will get things straightened out.

- Ruby is now in the surfing comp with Romeo. Indi found out about this and was not too happy. Romeo asked Ruby to drop out but Ruby didn’t want to and went to Indi and said a few words to her which seemed to make her change her mind and support Romeo’s surfing. I am so over Indi & Romeo’s problems.

- Tyler returns and steals a knife from the diner. He asks Casey to go camping with him only when Casey said he didn’t want to be friends Tyler went mental and tried to stab him (aparantly he did this before which is why he was in juivie in the first place). Brax managed to rescue Casey after he had been chased around the woods and got hurt and Tyler got sentenced again.

- Henri wanted to go away with Heath for the weekend so Bianca found this house for her not knowing it was Heath that she was going away with April saw the note meet me here at the Braxton’s house and assumed it was meant for her so Heath didn’t tell her it was Henri’s. He asked Henri to not go and to let him & April have it but Henri had other plans. She arrived at the house just before April. April was upset and angry that Henri was there and that Heath didn’t tell her that he had slept with her. So she dumped him (thank god). She was really upset and Bianca consoled her.

- Irene got herself a singing coach (why not use Liam??) called Eddie. Her friends, Bianca, Marilyn and Roo kept on teasing her that something was going to happen between herself and Eddie, she kept on denying it of course. I’d like to see something good happen to Irene, she deserves some happiness after all she’s been through.


Next week on Home & Away….. Sasha reveals who has been bullying her, Sid gets offered his old job back, Henri decides she can’t tutor Casey anymore, Ruby pulls out of the Surf comp at the last minute, Xavier & Ruby have a fun night in and Brax fights despite his head injury.





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