Young Talent Time Michael Jackson Tribute Special!

On Friday night (March 30) on Young Talent Time, it was a special dedication to the legendary Michael Jackson. Judge Chucky Klapow had previously, before his gig on YTT been selected as one of eleven dancers for Jackson’s This Is It tour, which during rehearsal, Michael Jackson passed away.

To open the show, Rob Mills tries some Jackson moves with Chucky yet I think he should leave it to the professionals. The YTT team open with 1991 hit Black and White. The singing is quite average yet Chucky has a dance solo that is phenomenal that I watched over and over and over…. Adrian does an amazing an amazing job rapping.

You can see why Michael chose him as one of the selected few to join him on what would have been an iconic tour. Seeing him dancing like that is a truly special experience.

The first contestant is Katelin Koprivec who is performing Beyonce’s Listen (from the movie Dream Girls). She sings beautifully but is a bit wooden – which Tina notes on. Chucky thinks she is beautiful and tells her to trust her instincts and wants her to dive into the deep end with her movements.

Next we see an interview with Stan Walker, who is a big fan of MJ. Nick and Sean conduct the interview. They ask him about his favourite MJ song – which Stan declares is Can You Feel It.

The team then performs Man on the Mirror and Stan Walker joins them. The boys of the team sound great before Stan Walker joins them, and then takes it to a higher level. Unfortunately they don’t do the dramatic key change part of the song that most of us know.

The team have some serious mirror balls which you can buy from as they launch into dance floor hit and classic Blame it on the Boogie. The centrepiece of the stage is a 36 inch mirror ball which can be all yours for a mere $1,500, while Rob Mills holds a baby mirror ball – which usually sells for a few dollars. Look out for a future post on the production details of YTT.

The second contestant is Harmony who performs What the World Needs Now Is Love most famously sung by Dionne Warwick. She’s brilliant – what a voice! The crowd loves her. Tina thinks that Harmony is incredible – Chucky believes she is like a young Whitney Houston. An excellent performance.

The wild card of the week has gone to the magician Tim – hmmm. I wanted Brad!

Chucky now choreographs the kids and the kids love it. Chucky is having a great time and the boys of the YTT team are taking the mickey out of him. But I must say that when I met him – his energy was always full on and 100%. He’s a dynamo. Chucky Klapow is AMAZING! His dancing is awe inspiring.

Tia and Lyndall as usual sound great as they sing “Can You Feel It”. I really feel that the girls on this show are stronger than the guys – except for Adrian and Sean. This performance is one of their best. Jeepers the song is 30 years old – as old as their parents!

Contestant 3 is Michael – a dancer who is unbelievable – Chucky must be freaking out! He’s perfect. For once I can’t decide who I want to win – him or Harmony. But his flexibility and talent is raw and dance doesn’t usually captivate me – but between him and Chucky tonight, I have been converted.

Chucky loves him, yet just gives a little technical critique. Tina thought he was amazing and had beautiful physical control. But she wants him to go PSYCHO! I think he should win – but bet Harmony will.

Stan Walker now sings his current single “Music Won’t Break Your Heart”. I miss Stan – I like him – this is actually a really catchy song.

The winner of tonight is about to be announced and it is …..  Michael – YEAH!

You can now vote for Harmony or Katelin on their website – – I say Harmony!

Young Talent Time now airs on Ten, Fridays 7pm.

Interview with Chucky Klapow exclusive to Throng here.



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