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As much as I love this show, I don’t know what is more exciting- the crowning of the winner, the new looks or the fact this show is FINALLY coming to an end.

We begin the show with a MASSIVE recap. Hayley welcomes the crowd to the show and tells them that the show have achieved the highest weight loss in history.


We then see Selena, Michelle & Bek in all their glory. Beautiful. Stunning! Selena’s had a massive makeover! After a quick interview with Hayley, they take their seats. We then see Kasey’s homecoming party when she exited the BL house.

After the break, we take a quick look at this year’s temptations. We then have a look at Shannan’s boys before they come out on stage. First are James & Luke who are not up for any prizes tonight. James looks skinny as and Luke just looks like a buff nut! These two have done amazingly well, but we’ve been keeping track of them throughout the year, so it doesn’t come as much surprise. James has had a tooth shine! They interview with Hayley as well before taking their seats. We find out that James and Michelle will be duetting tonight.

Ryan and Hamish are next. Ryan doesn’t look too different, but probably due to his size this is no surprise. He has noticeably dropped a few sizes. Hamish, despite more work is obvious, has done really well as well- he looks MUCH healthier and he’s dressed up quite well! Again, an interview later, the boys take their places on the couch. Before the ad break, we see Alex’s homecoming.

After the break, it is time for the red women to show themselves! We remind ourselves of the contestants. Then, they head out on stage (Lisa and Lydia) and don’t they look amazing- particularly Lydia! Lisa just looks sensational. Lydia has a croaky voice tonight- but boy has she worked hard! Lisa looks so different! We see a look at Simon and Lisa’s relationship.

We then see the black team in action over the series. They then come out on stage and they’re all wearing Commando glasses. Quite a bit of difference in Simon, but Shane also looks a whole lot lighter- and Graham looks great too! Graham is just so damn funny- I wish he had gone all the way!

A quick interview with Hayley and we find out Graham is going places in his home town. They then go to sit down. Before the break, we see Brenda’s homecoming.

After the break, the trainers take centre stage. They interview with Hayley who shows them a few packages of their training habits. Hamish is quite a feature in one of them! Hilarious. It’s then time for that duet with James and Michelle. James is on the piano and Michelle is on vocals. This must be a Biggest Loser first. I was going to say ‘Voice, eat your heart out’ and then I realise this is a Delta Goodrem song (Born To Try). She has massively powerful vocals! It was a bit short, but a wonderful addition.

After the break, it’s Margie’s homecoming. It’s then time for the eliminated contestant weigh in.

Eliminated Contestant $20,000 Weigh In

Bek: Original Weight: 126.3kg. Now weighs: 79.0kg, a loss of 47.3kg (37.45%) (Third Place)

Graham: Original Weight: 209.3kg. Now weighs: 135.9kg, a loss of 73.4kg (35.07%) (Fourth Place)

Hamish: Original Weight: 148.7kg. Now weighs: 100.0kg, a loss of 48.7kg (32.75%) (Seventh Place)

James: Original Weight: 136.3kg. Now weighs: 93.2kg, a loss of 43.1kg (31.62%) (NOT COUNTED)

Lisa: Original Weight: 104.2kg. Now weighs: 69.9kg, a loss of 34.3kg (32.92%) (Fifth Place)

Lydia: Original Weight: 141.9kg. Now weighs: 78.8kg, a loss of 63.1kg (44.47%) (First Place)

Luke: Original Weight: 145.2kg. Now weighs: 111.1kg, a loss of 34.1kg (23.48%) (NOT COUNTED)

Michelle: Original Weight: 110.4kg. Now weighs: 67.4kg, a loss of 43.0kg (38.95%) (Second Place)

Ryan: Original Weight: 241.0kg. Now weighs: 186.2kg, a loss of 54.8kg (22.74%) (Ninth Place)

Selena: Original Weight: 163.5kg. Now weighs: 125.1kg, a loss of 38.4kg (23.49%) (Eighth Place)

Simon: Original Weight: 164.3kg. Now weighs: 110.3kg, a loss of 54.0kg (32.87%) (Sixth Place)

Shane: Original Weight: 164.8kg. Now weighs: 129.5kg, a loss of 35.3kg (21.42%) (Tenth Place)

Result: Lydia is the winner of the $20,000.

After the break, it is time to meet the finalists. First up, Margie. We review her time before she comes out on stage. HER CHIN IS GONE! I mean, it’s still there- but her OTHER chin is gone! She is so refined! Love it! Hayley thinks she is Australia’s answer to Ellen DeGeneres.

Next up is Brenda, and it’s the same deal in terms of process. Again, holy mother of GOD! The change is enormous and she’s definitely a contender.

After the break, it is time to see Kasey. She too looks amazing. Gosh, I just want to see the weigh in now!

Now, it’s for the thorn among the roses- Alex! He looks so different- he could actually win this! Wow! That is one hell of a change!

After the break, the trainers give out some gossip on the finalists. Time filler much? It’s then time for the final weigh in.

Final Weigh In

Final Weigh In

Alex: Original Weight: 161.6kg. Now weighs: 89.4kg, a loss of 72.2kg (44.68%) (Second Place)

Brenda: Original Weight: 120.8kg. Now weighs: 76.5kg, a loss of 44.3kg (36.67%) (Fourth Place)

Kasey: Original Weight: 132.8kg. Now weighs: 78.8kg, a loss of 54.0kg (40.66%) (Third Place)

Margie: Original Weight: 159.1kg. Now weighs: 85.9kg, a loss of 73.2kg (46.01%) (First Place)



So, that pretty much ends our coverage of The Biggest Loser finale- and a word of warning- usually, preliminary information on the next season is always given in finales. This time, it doesn’t seem to have happened. This could indicate the show may not return for 2013, but this is pure speculation.

Enjoy your night, and congratulations to Margie, Australia’s third consecutive female Biggest Loser!

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  • Mikidiki

    So glad Margie won but so glad the season is over – way too long and got boring about 4 weeks ago. Also, I hate the way the finale is organised – it seems to end so abruptly. Can’t see it coming back next year, infact I’d be glad if it didn’t, although I have always been interested in a celebrity Big Brother but not sure they will do that after the failed Excess Baggage. 

    • Courtney Lewdon

      I think you’ve got your channels mixed up- Celebrity Big Brother would now belong to Nine- as did Excess Baggage, while The Biggest Loser belongs to TEN. Both CBB and BL could be on at the same time.
      There is nothing to suggest it won’t be back- ratings have been consistent and relatively high.

      • Mikidiki

         LOL! Sorry Courtney – I meant to write “Celebrity Biggest Loser”. I just feel that the show won’t be back next year.

  • Loz

    I’m glad Margie won too and knew she would. I liked this season alot. 

    Michelle has a pretty great voice! (Thought it was odd that she would do a Delta song given that Delta is on another network but anyways). Great performance of that song but of course Delta’s is much better lol. They didn’t mention whether the show will be back for next year.. I hope thats not a sign.. I’d like it to be back. 

    • Mikidiki

       I thought the same thing but I don’t recall Hayley ever saying “See You Next Year”. I didn’t like this season – last years was 10 x better and kept you in more. As I said, I lost interest about 3/4 of the way through. I don’t think it will come back next year.

  • ablivi

    SO Glad Margie won as she changed her personality along with looks. James looked hot – but I want Beks bod!

  • Ryno91

    a fantastic ep the transformations are fantastic everyone looked stunning especially kasey and lyida the only thing i have to be a downer about though is michelle singing i found it cheesey and unessecery but it did actully finish ahead of time by a few mins
    congrats to margie on not only taking out the title but for also having the biggest growth as a person through out the season

  • Olivia

    Kids love