The Block Season Five – Creating For The Clients

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In this latest Scotty Challenge, how will the contestants go in creating something for clients based on their (the clients) tastes?

We get into the episode but straight away, its challenge day.

Challenge Brief: They will be working for tough clients- children. They will have to build them the best ever cubby house and will be playing for a share of $6,000. $3,000 for the winner, $2,000 for second and $1,000 for third.

The clients and their workers are:

Finlay: Dan & Dani (Wants a rooftop veranda and a nightclub down the bottom.)

Jasmine: Brad & Lara (Wants a cool beach shack for fun and relaxation)

Ollie: Mike & Andrew (Wants a sports themed cubby)

Zoe: Sophie & Dale (Wants a Gingerbread house-themed cubby)

They have 15 minutes to speak to their clients and five hours to build the cubby.

Luckily this warehouse is located just above a Mitre 10 store. They’re gonna need it. The brother’s instructions to the staff seem confusing. Meanwhile, Dan & Dani seem to be fair ahead. Sophie finds it hard to use the hammer, causing Dale to give her a hard time.

After a while, I think the challenge gets to Brad and Dale, and they begin to work their short shorts.

Contestants use their final hours to shop, although the brothers don’t seem to know the meaning of the word RUN!

Time is soon up and they all seem to have fulfilled their briefs. They all seem very happy. But who has won?


Two kids, Sarah & Billy, Scotty’s kids, come out dressed as Scott as judges. They rank the teams on the old-fashioned chalk board. They turn it around and everything.

Sophie & Dale: 3

Mike & Andrew: 4

Brad & Lara: 1

Dan & Dani: 2

Winners: Brad & Lara come first and win $3,000. Dan & Dani win $2,000 in second. Sophie & Dale win $1,000 in third.

At first, Dani thought it was a score out of ten! The contestants then head back to The Block.

The Block next airs May 24 at 7PM on Nine.

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