Australia's Got Talent First Final - Dylan Yeandle, Genesis and Odyssey

Tonight 8 will compete in the first finals – including Owen Campbell, Odyssey and my favourite Dylan Yeandle. Justice Crew will also perform this week. But first how did people vote last week? The final three are Anthony Lay, Kookies ‘n Kream and The Nelson Twins. With the most votes and going straight through is Kookies ‘n Kream, leaving the mindreading Anthony and the comedic Nelson brothers.

Brian votes first and thinks it’s his hardest decision, so he will vote for the act the people have been talking about and he announces The Nelson Twins. Dannii says both are loved and she will vote for the won she’s been hearing people talk about and that’s Anthony Lay. It’s up to Kyle and he chooses The Nelson Twins as they need a new wardrobe.

Opening tonight is Mark Lowndes

Name – Mark Lowndes
Talent – Singer/Songwriter

Brian – Well that was different. I thought it was great. The singing was excellent, the song was excellent but the downside for me was that I don’t think that’s the song you should have done for the final. I’d buy your record but don’t think was right for a final.
Dannii – That song was warm and yummy. Did it show your big notes that make you win? No, but it did show us a body of work, it showed you as an artist and I loved that.
Kyle – Musically I loved it as well, but I understand what Brian is saying. Visually it came across as Forrest Gump singing the new Flight Centre jingle, but it was very good. Good luck man.
1902 55 75 01

Name – Genesis
Talent – Beatboxer
UN-BLOODY-BELIEVEABLE. Standing ovation from everyone.

Brian – When I got here today and saw the list of who was performing tonight, I wasn’t sure if you could stand up to the rest. Your a dark horse to win this show, your incredible.
Dannii – Your the Australian champion of beatboxing and I know we could send you off to the World Championships and you’d win it.
Kyle – I think your great, but I don’t know how you can beat that. Total genius.
1902 55 75 02

Name – Owen Campbell
Talent – Singer/Songwriter
Boring – but Dannii and Kyle are into it.Standing ovation from judges.

Brian – Everyone will be able to appreciate that music. You are making headlines for the right reasons now and I think your the best singer in this competition.
Dannii – Owen I have to tell you at the end of that Kyle said “I love him”. I love what you did and I hope you can rock it out worldwide.
Kyle – Not the sort of music I usually like, but all your music I love. Superb, you could smash the charts.
1902 55 75 03

Name – Jagger
Talent – Drummer

Brian – That was excellent. Well done.
Dannii – You never ever dissapoint. You’ve got to be a showman not just a drummer and you
Kyle – Got quite a mouth on you don’t you. I love you and hope you do well.
1902 55 75 04

Justice Crew perform their new single “Boom Boom”

Name – Dylan Yeandle
Talent – Singing Stripper
I loved it as I have every one of his performances. So does Dannii and Grant!

Brian – I loved it – pure entertainment and I really hope you get to the grand final. You’re so endearing.
Dannii – At this stage of the game we have to ask if you are good enough for the grand final and two million hits on You Tube says yes baby!
Kyle – Very good. In all honesty it’s a bloke saturated wearing tiny little pants and everyone is loving it. You take the slease out of it.
1902 55 75 05

Name – Joe Moore
Talent – Singer/ Songwriter
Sings his own song

Brian – I want that song for me. If that’s released tomorrow it’s straight to number one. That was so good.
Dannii – Two bars I was into it and buy the chorus I loved it. It moved everybody and you’re in it to win it.
Kyle – That was a number one worldwide hit, a fantastic song and the best original I’ve ever
1902 55 75 06

Name – Odyssey
Talent – Acrobats
AWESOME – Standing O from everyone.

Brian – You guys set the standard for the finals and you didn’t dissapoint tonight. Incredible.
Dannii – That was so insane. You made a human trapeze, everything you do is impossible, you guys are world class.
Kyle – Dannii’s right, it was so arty, perfect and graceful. It was just brilliant. I loved it.
1902 55 75 07

Name – Beside Lights
Talent – Band

Brian – The great thing about you guys is great consistency. Great performance.
Dannii – It didn’t kick in for me till the last bit.
Kyle – My ears are deaf from girls are screaming. I liked the song – nothing is stopping you from going all the way.
1902 55 75 08

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