MasterChef Australia Season Four – Kylie Fights For Immunity

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It’s been a while since immunity was won by Mindy, so can her friend Kylie finally take out a second pin?

Kylie walks into the kitchen to find out what is in store for her.

Immunity Challenge Brief: Today, Mindy will go up against Tomislav Martinovic. It’s the same immunity challenge as most week, where they must both cook a main, entrée and dessert using a core ingredient picked from two options. Today, those options are bread and butter. Kylie picks bread, which doesn’t seem to please the judges.

Team Tomislav: Tomislav is only allowed one chef- Mark.

Team Kylie: Kylie is also allowed only one person – Mindy.

Conditions: Team Kylie has 90 minutes. Team Tomislav has 60.

Progress: They decide to do a Gazpacho for entrée, a bead crusted trevalla for main and a burnt caramel panna cotta for dessert. Mindy will do the main while Kylie will do the entrée and dessert. Kylie decides to do her dessert first. Tomislav offers to help her! How nice! Beau, Ben and Andy jokingly call sabotage. He believes they have an ambitious menu.

When he begins, he reveals that he wants to do a scallop tartare for entrée, a minute steak for main and nut loaf French toast for dessert. He seems to forget that by choosing bread, Kylie has disallowed him to use butter!

Kylie begins on the Gazpacho, but bread is only being used to thicken it up! Will it be the hero of the entrée? For a second, her Gazpacho looks like vomit, but after adding some red capsicums, courtesy of the advice of the boys upstairs, she gets it looking good again.

No big problems arising tonight. Kylie is doing really well, now making her brioche. Tomislav hopes his French toast works without butter. Meanwhile, Mindy is working on her fish and Matt fears she has undercooked it. Mindy begins to panic. They only have 5 minutes to go. They whiz through plating!

Tasting & Results


Team Tomislav: Scallop Tartare with Fried Bread.

Comments: They love how the crispy bread is the hero of the dish. Gary wanted more punchy flavours. He does call it a delicious dish.

Team Kylie: Gazpacho with Rye Eye Ice Cream.

Comments: Matt loves it, especially the textures. He calls it balanced and assured cooking. Gary isn’t a fan of the ice cream and George says there could be more rye.

Result: Team Kylie WIN


Team Tomislav: Grilled Scotch Fillet.

Comments: George and Gary love it, and can’t stop making noises over it. Gary was caught off guard by it and George calls it ‘yum’. Matt loves the gingerbread sauce, but doesn’t like it with the steak.

Team Kylie: Blue Eyed Trevalla

Comments: Gary doesn’t like the plating, calling it bland and criticising the choice of plate. It is nicely cooked. George calls it a tasty dish and loves the crisp croutons. Gary likes the detail in the salad. He isn’t too impressed with the bread crumb crust.

Result: Team Kylie LOSE


Team Tomislav: French Toast with Grilled Figs and Cream.

Comments: Gary loves the outside and George says Kylie’s food must be knock-your-socks-off stuff to beat it.

Team Kylie: Burnt Caramel Panna Cotta.

Comments: Gary loves the play on textures and the bread.

Result: Team Kylie WIN

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE RESULT: Kylie has WON immunity, the second pin to be given out this year!

A well deserving winner, she is definitely a rising star and could be a contender to be as well-known as Dani, Hayden and Justine! In fact, she’s very much like Justine!

MasterChef Australia next airs Jul 4 at 7PM on TEN. 

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  • Johnson Leung

    Kylie is certainly a well deserving winner of the immunity pin because she has been making great dishes lately. However, her win generates interesting situations for the upcoming team challenge. As two contestants will be eliminated from the losing team, if both Kylie and Mindy are in the losing team, will one or both of them use the pin? If Kylie is in one team and Mindy on the other, and either team loses the challenge, will Kylie or Mindy use the pin or rely on their cooking skills to get through the elimination challenge?