The X Factor Australia Season Four – The Third Auditions: Angela Vayne, Good Question & Hayden Maurirere

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We’ve had some VERY good talent coming through! Who will come into the spotlight tonight?

The first up for tonight is Angela Vayne.

Angela Vayne (39-year old Tasmanian)

Singing: Hero by Mariah Carey Hero - Mariah Carey: Greatest Hits

Judges’ Verdict: Ronan calls her incredible. Natalie wants to hug her and she lets her. Guy is proud of her for taking such a difficult song head on. Mel asks her if she can sing and when she says yes, Mel tells her she is correct.

Result: Four very BIG yesses. Angela is through!

William Singe (Metro bank teller)

Singing: One Less Lonely Girl by Justin Bieber. One Less Lonely Girl - My Worlds

Judges’ Verdict: Mel thinks he was singing that song just to her and calls it great. Guy calls his added rap in the song crazy. Natalie calls it a great job and Ronan calls it a great audition song.

Result: Four yesses and he’s off to boot camp.


Singing: With You by Chris Brown With You - Exclusive

Judges’ Verdict: Ronan and Natalie love it and Ronan calls him special.

Result: He’s through and could make up the super group.

Kristina & Jo (Good Question)

Singing: Wild One by David Guetta ft. Sia Wild Ones (feat. Sia) - Wild Ones (Deluxe Version)

Judges’ Verdict: Ronan loved it and tells them they look fantastic and sound great. Natalie says they sounded great together. Mel wonders how much time they’ve spend rehearsing. She thanks them for auditioning because it was great. Guy just says ‘yep’ and calls them hotties.

Result: Four yesses.

Later, Reece Mastin pops in to look at the auditions.

Matt Gresham (18-year old Freo dude)

Singing: ‘No Woman, No Cry by Bob Marley No Woman No Cry - Dreams of Freedom - Ambient Translations of Bob Marley in Dub

Judges’ Verdict: Ronan loves how he got lost in the song. Natalie was trying NOT to cry! She was moved and loved it. Mel tells him not to sing in a Jamaican accent again but loves how unique he is and calls him ‘bloody great’. Guy tells him he’s got the goods and is his favourite male in the competition.

Result: Yesses all round.

We then see auditions from fans…of the judges!

Jayanthy Murugesu (Ronan Keating fan)

Singing: Baby by Justin Bieber Baby (feat. Ludacris) - Baby (feat. Ludacris) - Single

Judges’ Comments: Ronan likes how she had a great time…but not this time…ever.

Result: A yes from Ronan…but a flat out no from everyone else!

Hayden Maurirere (Father-of-one Maori)

Singing: Billie Jean by Michael Jackson Billie Jean - Thriller (25th Anniversary) [Deluxe Edition]

Judges’ Verdict: Guy loved it and called it exciting. Mel says she could listen to him all night long. Natalie calls his voice ridiculous and Ronan just says great job.

Result: A massive four yesses from the judges.

So there we have it- another crop through! What did you think?

The X Factor Australia next airs Aug 27 at 7.30PM on Seven

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  • Johnson Leung

    I had never known there was an acoustic version of Billie Jean until this episode. Hayden’s rendition of the song was amazing.

  • Sue

    So much amazing raw talent, loving the show, great to see that an ordinary person has the opportunity to shine and not just professionals as in other shows. The judges are doing an excellent job, and Mel B is terrific and honest, hope she keeps doing X Factor.