The X Factor Australia Season Four – Boot Camp Begins!

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The auditions are over and the potential contestants have been chosen. Tonight, favourites return as the group are put through boot camp. But this year, Boot Camp is different! VERY different!


The contestants move off to boot camp from all over Australia. This will be Australia’s first ever ‘super boot camp’, where all four categories will be fighting to impress all four judges. The contestants are discussing what mentors they would like. The judges meet the contestants where they tell them that they will ALL be whittling them down to a top 24 BEFORE they find out their categories and mentors.

At the end of today, a third of them will be going home. Each category has been given four songs which they must choose from. With that, the contestants get ready. Here are some of the performances.

LINE OF TEN- The following performances occurred in lines-of-ten.

Under 24 Girls

Vendulka Wichta

Singing: The A Team by Ed Sheeran The A Team - +

Judges’ Reactions: They love her! They call her crazy.

Shiane Hawke

Singing: Underneath Your Clothes by Shakira Underneath Your Clothes - Laundry Service

Judges’ Reactions: They thank her and are impressed with her big voice.

Bella Ferraro

Singing: The A Team by Ed Sheeran (see above for iTunes link)

Judges’ Reactions: Guy notices her nerves but considering she can still come out with an incredible voice is amazing.

Impressive performances continue from other favourites, such as Angel.

Under 24 Boys

Judah Kelly

Singing: Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson. Man In the Mirror - The Essential Michael Jackson

Judges’ Reactions: The judges realise he’s forgotten the words again, and he can’t do it again.

Josh Brookes

Singing: Because of You by Ne-Yo Because of You - Because of You

Judges’ Reactions: He forgets his words…this sent him home last year. Mel tells him he blew it but Guy gives him a few more seconds. Mel did like his commitment though.

Trent Bell

Singing: Count on Me by Bruno Mars Count On Me - Doo-Wops & Hooligans

Judges’ Reactions: They did like it. They call him outstanding.

Over 24’s

Justin Standley

Singing: Superman by Five for Fighting Superman - Songs from Dawson's Creek, Vol. 2

Judges’ Reactions: Other than Guy, they didn’t like it that much.

The rest of the category is quite mixed.

Nathaniel Willemse

Singing: It Aint Over Until It’s Over by Lenny Kravitz It Ain't Over Til It's Over - Lenny Kravitz: Greatest Hits

Judges’ Reactions: Unlike last time, Mel loved it!

Rob Vegas

Singing: Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol Chasing Cars - Eyes Open

Judges’ Reactions: He’s similar to Nathaniel, but he is more ‘hungry’ for this.


Good Question

Singing: Back for Good by Take That Back for Good - Nobody Else

Judges’ Reactions: They loved it.

What About Tonight

Singing: Club Can’t Handle Me by Flo Rida Club Can't Handle Me - Blazin' 2011

Judges’ Reactions: One member forgot some words…and he tried to cover it up. The judges expected more.


Notable exits:

Judah Kelly

Semaema Cornfield

Angela Vayne



Today, they will all be put in ensemble groups. They will be given a song which they must learn and perform for the other judges. Half of them will be going home today.

Gary Pinto will help the groups perform. Here are some of the performances:

GROUP 1: Jason Owen, No Frills, Chris Cayzer, Vicky Abercrombie, Briden-Star Aspinall and Justin Standley.

Singing: Get What You Give by The New Radicals You Get What You Give - Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too

Judges’ Reactions: The judges didn’t like how No Frills wrote words on their hands. Mel called it uncomfortable to watch. Ronan calls it disgraceful. They like Briden-Starr and that’s it. Well, some of them liked Justin.

GROUP 2: Danielle Blakely, Hayden Maurirere, Jayden Sierra and Samantha Jade Gibbs.

Singing: No Air by Jordin Sparks. No Air - Jordin Sparks (Deluxe Version)

Judges’ Reactions: This group did really well, but seems to have been put together better. The judges seemed to like this group better. The judges want all of them to stay.

GROUP 3: Adil Memom, Angel Tupai, Carmello Munzone, Fourtunate, Tabitha Omaji and Nathaniel Willemse.

Adil panics before going out on stage. We’ll pick up on this drama tomorrow!

The X Factor Australia next airs Sep 4 at 7.30PM on Seven

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  • Johnson Leung

    FYI, the super bootcamp took place at The Concourse, an impressive performing arts complex at the Sydney suburb of Chatswood. It reminds me of the top 100 round of Australian Idol.
    Question: How did you manage to post the recap of The X Factor just after it finished in SA, given it overlaps with Big Brother for more than an hour?

    • Courtney Lewdon

      It does- but boot camp was always a point of difference to AI (one of many), so does it risk becoming that little bit too similar to AI?

      Johnson, your powers of observation amazes me! I’m just SO good at my job! :) In all seriousness, Seven sends us previews of these shows, so I was able to do it earlier.

  • ablivi

    Courtney also has super powers – SERIOUSLY! Love the recap!

    • Courtney Lewdon

      Aww Thanks! Glad u like them!! :D

  • Miki Glat

    Funny how the winner of AGT was from CDB and the guest judge in tonight’s show is also from CDB! Ugggghhhhh! How ironic! :-/

  • fif

    Joel was kicked off that was so unfair others were given a second chance and there not as good as Joel. I do not like this new x factor format very disappointing i won’t be watching again and me and my family have been devoted fans till now. Ratings are dropping and will continue to drop. Too bad it used to be great.