Big Brother Australia Season Nine – 2012 Grand Finale

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It was off the air for four years, and now it’s about to go off yet again. But after a truly incredible return, Big Brother was REBORN and we got to fall in love (and in hate) with sixteen brand new people. Tonight, three remain. Estelle, Benjamin and Layla. Who will win Big Brother 2012…and finally take that crown off Terri Munro (her head must be getting sore from wearing it for so long!)?? BLOGGED HERE LIVE ACDT!


The final three are sitting in the island of the pool. They get to watch a film showing a Big Brother retrospective. And here comes Sonia. Before anything, the housemates return for a stage production of Oats A La Layla. And they also get Psy to welcome us to the finale! Yep, cue the housemates doing the dance!

It’s all quite captivating. Hmm, no Party Rock Anthem-oh, here it comes!

It’s time for the first live cross to the house of the night.

We then have a look at the housemate’s final night on Big Brother. They enjoy dinner and discuss their love lives since coming on Big Brother. Estelle says she is definitely single, but Layla doesn’t know. They can’t believe they are the final three.

Estelle is called to the diary room. She still feels left out. Layla and Benjamin are STILL going on about her. SHUT. UP.

We then see some footage from this morning. That bedroom looks so empty. None of the housemates seem enthused that it is their final day in the house. They get a lovely breakfast in the captain’s quarters.

The week-by-week walkthrough begins. We begin with the first four weeks before Sonia brings out Charne, Ryan and Sarah! Charne says she gets recognised a lot despite her unfortunate placing and claims it is weird to watch the series. Ryan looks as shocked as us when he saw Michael and Estelle hooking up. Sarah describes the odd moment when she met Sam- despite being part of the same series, they never saw each other in the house- and hence they were both starstruck upon meeting each other.

Cue week’s five, six and seven. Ray, George and Ava are then interviewed. Ray is still waiting for a chocolate milk endorsement. Ray talks about his time re-entering the house. George seems glad for Sam and Layla. He has moved to the Gold Coast. Ava has caught up with Josh since her eviction.

Coming back from the break, we watch the highlights of weeks eight, nine and ten. Bradley, Josh and Angie then head on stage. Bradley has watched the Dark Knight quite a few times since leaving. He’s also been picking up quite well! Josh compares Bradley to Family Guy’s Quagmire. Josh has been well, having a good time and catching up with Ava. Angie’s been up to quite a lot but has become good friends with George.

Before looking at the final few weeks of the season, Sonia crosses to the house again. Can you believe Benjamin and Layla are STILL going on about Estelle playing victim!!

We then look at the final weeks of the competition. Stacey, Sam, Zoe and Michael are then interviewed on stage, making up the pack!

With that done, it’s time to crown THIRD PLACE!


It’s time to go…ESTELLE!

THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! I DEMAND MONEY! Oh, well. Maybe Layla will win it? Sorry, but Benjamin does NOT deserve this.

Obviously the first thing Sonia mentions on stage was her relationship with Michael; and not her overcoming bullying and hatred to become second-runner-up.


#3 – Her and Ava

#2 – Her Nominations Record

#1 – Giving Bradley his first kiss

She wins some money. Or whatever was in that envelope. I didn’t quite catch it.

Peter Overton now reveals some outside world news!

Mike then interviews the friends and family.

The housemates soon enter the house with the prize money in tow.

Now it’s time for the part, up until fifteen minutes ago, I was waiting for.



OK, well, there we have it- the first winner in four years- BENJAMIN!! And it’s the second Benjamin to ever win the show (I guess the first guy was just known as Ben). Well, to be completely fair, Benjamin was funny- and I LOVED his nominations. But this isn’t MY outcome at all.

It’s now time for the eviction interview-A-La-Layla.

Her becoming an Australian is the hot topic of the night.


#3 – Her and her loving

#2 – Her stupidity

#1 – Oats-A-La-Layla

She wins $10,000 as runner up.

Benjamin, the first gay housemate to ever win Big Brother Australia, is then greeted by his mother, who enters the house to greet him. What I like about this season is how they haven’t just announced the winner and rolled straight to the credits- as most reality shows do these days.

Sonia then heads into the house to surprise Benjamin. She lies on the couch and Benjamin gets the fright of his life. He doesn’t realise he’s on television! They have one last look of the house and then they leave.



LAYLA – 31%


He applied ten years ago to be in Big Brother 2- but he got in this year! And won!

He then reunites with his partner, Ben. He then proposes to him! How lovely.

We then see one final retrospective.

‘Big Brother will get back to you’.

This was the final episode of Big Brother Australia Season Nine.

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  • mycreations

    Oh so sad this is the last episode

  • pulsar654

    This was the final episode of Big Brother Australia. Do you mean for every or 2012???

    • Courtney Lewdon

      For 2012. Sorry, I usually put the season number as well. Best correct that. :) Sorry for scaring you. The show should be back next year. It’s all but confirmed.

      • pulsar654

        Thanks Courtney I really do hope so. I got scared a bit not seeing it in the ad for 9′s 2013 lineup but I’m praying they do :)

        • Courtney Lewdon

          The ad also didn’t mention the second season of The Block they are planning to do next year. Last year they aired small clips of Big Brother-related material, but if BB is to return to its end of year slot again next year, I doubt they’d be highlighting it now. Anyway, that’s my explanation! :)

          • Loz

            I was surprised that they showed previous seasons and winners… I did not expect that since it was on a different network.
            And I didn’t want Ben to win either – wanted Layla then Estelle. But Ben proposing to Ben (isn’t his name the same name as the first winner?) was cute and surprising. Great finale either way. Can’t wait for next year.

          • Miki Glat

            Yes! LOL! Ben’s boyfriend has the same name and surname of the first winner!

        • Loz

          It is in 2013′s line up ad. It will be back next year don’t worry!

          • Courtney Lewdon

            I didn’t see Big Brother mentioned at all in the lineup ad.