The X Factor Australia Season Four – Grand Final

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After thousands of auditionees, twelve finalists and a countless number of performances and votes, the winner of The X Factor 2012 will…eventually…be announced!

The show begins with some sort of video clip of them singing a song. It’s I Can Only Imagine by David Guetta. (I Can Only Imagine (feat. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne) - Nothing But the Beat 2.0)

It turns into a massive stage performance that could potentially give last night’s performance a run for its money.

After talking to the judges and looking at last night’s performance, it’s time to get down to some finale-style business.


Guest: Owl City

Singing: Good Time Good Time - Good Time - Single

Again, this includes the entire top eleven.

We then have a look back at the year that was.

Anyway, it’s time for another guest performer, to perform with the final 3.


Guest: Boyz II Men
Singing: End Of The Road End of the Road - Legacy - The Greatest Hits Collection

And finally, something we all want to know- who has placed third!


The act leaving The X Factor Australia 2012 in THIRD PLACE is… THE COLLECTIVE!

Phew, that was close. Look, The Collective are great; but spare me the 12-year old fanfare that would have been associated with their win and let someone with a bit more appeal (Jade or Owen) win this thing!

Now, for a certain X Factor alumni band’s exclusive performance of their new single.

One Direction

Singing: Little Things Little Things - Take Me Home (Yearbook Edition)

Obviously that was a recording- which may have disappointed some of the female fans in the audience!

Luke then chats to the family of Samantha Jade before reviewing her time on the show with some loving words from her family members.

She then sings for the final time.

Samantha Jade

Singing: Scream by Usher Scream - Scream - Single

This song was picked as her best performance of the season.

Judges’ Comments: Ronan calls her a superstar and is delighted she is in the grand finale. Natalie thinks she is absolutely beautiful and called the performance ‘ridiculous’ in a good way! A REALLY good way! Mel reiterates those comments.

We then go through the same ritual for Jason Owen.

Jason Owen

Singing: Dancing In The Dark by Bruce Springsteen Dancing In the Dark - Bruce Springsteen: Greatest Hits

Judges’ Comments: Ronan is proud of him and congratulates Mel. The change in Jason has stunned Natalie. Guy says he is the epitome of what music can offer.

It’s now time for the results.






Samantha is the first female winner in The X Factor history! Guy is the winning mentor for the second year running!!

And here’s the winner’s single – What You’ve Done To Me! What You've Done to Me - What You've Done to Me - Single

This was the final episode of The X Factor Australia Season Four!

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  • Johnson Leung

    Congratulations Courtney for your efforts in putting together recaps of The X Factor (and most other reality shows) during 2012, despite the 30 minute time difference between SA and eastern states. I always looked forward to your recaps after the programs finished. What do you think of the entire season of The X Factor of 2012? Did the right act win?
    When the live shows began The Collective was the overwhelming favourite, but the group’s stumble in latter stages of the competition gave other contestants a chance. Samantha fell in the bottom 2 three times but she never gave up and as they always say, the cream rise to the top, and Samantha peaked at the right time and replaced The Collective as the hot favourite to win, and she deserved the victory. While Jason was the most consistent performer of the season as he was the only act never in the bottom 2, I don’t think he is a good singer, he sometimes gave average performances and a few times I thought he would face elimination, so well done to him and Mel B for her mentorship.
    As you posted above, Guy became the first back-to-back winning mentor of The X Factor Australia. Any people who reach the top 24 would love to be in his category in 2013.
    Looking forward to your recaps of Beauty and the Geek in the next two weeks and more in 2013 :)

    • Courtney Lewdon

      Thanks so much Johnson, and everyone else who read these.

      In my opinion, I didn’t think much of Samantha in the beginning, but in the past few weeks I felt she should win. This show talks about the finalists ‘going on a journey’ and ‘becoming more experienced’ and no one has been made to gain experience more than Sammy. She already has a reputation, and everything was put on the line every single time she was in the bottom two, and she just improved immensely. In my opinion, The Collective were never ‘the most popular’. People just liked them because they were a boy band. Same reason One Direction never won- they looked good on paper, but just simply having good looks and a good voice won’t win it for you. Sammy had all that and more- she had the best stage presence, she was by far the most graceful contestant and there was never an air of smugness from her. She won it fair and square.

      I hope you do enjoy the rest of my blogs this year. As far as next year is concerned…

  • Miki Glat

    Sorry but the wrong person won – can’t believe she won. The Collective or Jason should have won. She’ll fade into oblivion and won’t be remembered before the clock strikes midnight on the 1/1/13! I’ll be surprised if her single even hits number 1!

  • Alicia Boyden

    Yes TY Courtney! But Miki – Jason had no talent. Should have been The Collective or Samantha – not a fan but happy with out come.