The X Factor First Elimination - Goodbye Adira Belle

barryThe first elimination is imminent as the contestants take the stage as a group and sing a medley. Tonight Jesse J will sing “It’s My Party” and last years winner, Samantha Jade will perform “Firestarter” from her new album of the same name. Samantha takes the stage – the set is amazing and she looks and sounds absolutely phenomenal.


In no particular order the first safe is Dami Im! Dannii’s rather happy about that. 

The next is Third D3gree followed by Jai Waetford – are the tweens will be happy! The next act safe and back next week is … Joelle! Ronan now get’s another one with Tayler Henderson while Dannii has another with Cat Vas.

Redfoo gets Ellie Lovegrove through while Nat still has two acts on stage. Omar Dean is now through so Ronan’s team is safe, along with Redfoo’s after Jiordan’n name is called. JTR are the last act called. So tonight it’s going to be Barry Southgate or Adira-Belle going home.

Jesse J performs – not ripping off P!NK’s style at all is she?

Dannii is asked what advice she gave Barry and Adira- Belle are apparently bummed. The contestants chose their own songs tonight and Adira Belle is up first.

ADIRA-BELLE – Change of Fools by Aretha Franklin
They sound great – I really don’t think these guys belong in the bottom two at all.

BARRY SOUTHGATE – Irreplaceable by Beyonce.
Bad song choice buddy. I love Dannii but this guy can go home in my opinion. Funny that singing Beyonce got Adira-Belle in the bottom two and now he’s doing one of her songs. Maybe Beyonce will be the kiss of death!

Time for the judges decision on who they will send home –

Nat – Of course chooses Barry
Dannii – As above but she chooses Adira-Belle
Redfoo – He says it’s tough, but after the performances and who really wants it he chooses Adira to go home.
Ronan – He chooses Adira

I’m always wrong!



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