Dami rockTonight the top 8 perform in ROCK week! It’s obvious though I have very different views than the judges (as usual) though.

First  up  is

Dami Im – Best Of You by The Foo Fighters.

She looks amazing! Of course she is utterly amazing – what can’t this girl do? The lights are amazing as she belts it out – she’s raw, edgy and I love this side of her! She get’s a standing ovation from everyone – including me.

Redfoo – That was rock’n’roll baby. You put so much energy into that. It was so amazing and you can pull off wearing anything!
Dannii – I’m loving working with her and on paper it shouldn’t work but it does because she is one special girl.
Ronan – Wow what an opening to the show. Amazing – it is such an honour to work on this show with talent like you. 10/10
Natalie – You are so phenomenal – you get a standing ovation week after week from all four judges – that just doesn’t happen.

Third D3gree –  By The Way by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers

It’s okay I guess. Think the lights are going to give me a fit! Sang it okay.

Redfoo – You took all the notes from last week and are back on track. You all held your own – congratulations.
Dannii – My favourite performance by you. Each of you starred and it came together.
Ronan – Jordan I was worried when you started but then you shone. You have a shot of going all the way
Natalie – Scream – gush – Scream – gush – SCREAM! Give her a damn Valium!!

Joelle – Joey by Concrete Blonde

I don’t think I can judge this one. This song along with Teardrops by Womack and Womack have me running for the hills. Trying – trying – ok, off to get my iPod! She was just as bland as the song is.

Ronan – Bloody good. I’ve always loved your voice and you deserve to be here.
Natalie – This is the best I have seen you.
Dannii – We got to hear the good vocals this week! Best performance you have done. (If that’s her best – I’m a Smurf)
It’s so beautiful to see the emotion this week – it was so pure.

Omar Dean – Anyway You Want It by Journey (Yes – a Glee song)

Cory Monteith is turning his grave! It’s flat and not really that rocky, I think it’s more poppy. Guess I’m used to New Directions version . What’s that falsetto about – Prince wannabe?

Natalie – I didn’t love it – I like you and know is not your genre but no.
Dannii – Not one of my favourite songs. (Abuses Ronan on the falsetto) Ronan explains that the falsetto part wasn’t in rehearsals or his plan and that Omar has done his own thing.
Redfoo – I wish you would of stayed on board with this. I wish you had gone more rock’n’roll.
Ronan – We both know that parts went wrong – let’s hope you are here next week.

Jiordan Tully – Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol

Ooh sounds very Transvision Vamp-ish . It’s different and I love that. Yet again though pop more than rock. I enjoyed this, even if pitchy.

Ronan – I didn’t love it, you look great but it didnt work for me
Natalie – It exposed you and felt you were being someone you are not! It was screechy.
Dannii – I love the naughty fairy look -the energy was great though.
Redfoo – We all had fun and am so proud of you. You gave it your all.

Jai Waetford – Drops of Jupiter by Train 

He’s such a cutie! Ronan admits it’s soft rock, but the kid is only 14. Poor love, sounds like he’s at a mates b’day party doing karaoke – but doing it well, for Karaoke! God bless, the tweens love him. His voice isn’t bad at all, just not rock. Too YTT!

Natalie – You’re adorable and know how to work the stage and is one of my faves. I think you are younger and cooler than the jacket though.
Dannii – One of my all time favourite songs and it definately raised up from the dry runs to the performance.
Redfoo – I love the jacket and you kicked it up there. The dynamics you put in that song made your heart skip a beat.
Ronan – So proud of you. You are growing up on TV and are getting better and better, that’s the best I have heard you sing.

JTR –  Thanks for the Memories by Fallout Boy

I don’t like this group at all but love Fallout Boy. It’s okay I guess, the haven’t offended me but compared to the original – well there is none. Admittedly though this is the best they have done for weeks as that bloody Bassingthwaite screams for the 100th time. The crowd are going crazy, tell me looks aren’t a huge part of this!

Dannii – You came out of the bottom two and rocked it – loved it.
Redfoo – I have mixed feelings because I’m not a girl. There was so much pyro I thought a gas station blew up. You still are holding back – because if you take away all that stuff it’s weak.
Ronan – The vocals weren’t perfect – there was too much going on stage.
Natalie – SAVE JTR! What are the other judges thinking?

Natalie makes me want to stop watching this show – can she give any real advice? Can she not scream?

Taylor Henderson – Choir Girl by Cold Chisel

He sings the Aussie classic with a spin. His voice is okay but it’s quite average – shows his personality I guess. Needed to be gruffer. Get’s a standing ovation though.

Natalie – I loved that and how you acknowledged the band. Well done
Dannii – That was a completely different guy who walked in the room – no more quivering. You were great.
Redfoo – The best vocal you have done on the lives. You’ve made me a Chisel fan but the first 40 seconds your eyes were closed.
Ronan – We started with a standing ovation for Dami and ended with one for you – so proud!







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  • Loz

    Should I admit that I don’t know that Cold Chisel song??

    Dami has to win this….. that girl can sing anything.

    Nat Bass – Please stop screaming!!!!!!!!