Rhiannon Fish is Leaving Home and Away

haHome And Away’s worst kept secret has been made official: Rhiannon Fish is leaving the show and moving to LA.

Rhiannon has played April Scott on the much loved series for the past three years, but she confirmed to TV Week that she is making the move from Summer Bay to LA.

Rhiannon told TV Week, “I’m moving to LA at the start of next year! I’m just so excited about getting over there and seeing what I can do.”

While she does a perfect Australian accent on the show, you might be surprised to learn that Calgary born Rhiannon actually sounds quite Canadian, which we’re sure doesn’t hurt when it comes to getting the American accent right.

“I went over with my manager and my agent and signed with a [US] management company. Things are all set up,” Rhiannon said.

“I did a bunch of auditions while I was over there and it went really well. Now it’s just that whole sitting by the phone and waiting to see if one of them comes through.”

Rhiannon hopes she can follow in the footsteps of former Home And Away stars like Chris Hemsworth, Isla Fisher, Melissa George, Luke Mitchell and Rebecca Breeds, who have all found success in Hollywood.

“So many Aussies – especially people from Home And Away – have gone on to have such successful film careers. It would be amazing if I could follow in their footsteps,” Rhiannon said.

So what’s going to happen with her and boyfriend Reece Mastin? They’re taking things long distance.

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“It is hard. But I think if you’ve got a dream, you just have to follow it. I trust that Reece and I have a really strong relationship. People make long-distance [relationships] work, so there’s no reason why we can’t make it work too.”

And she even touched on the engagement topic in the interview.

“[Getting engaged] is something we’ve discussed. But it doesn’t mean it’ll happen any time soon. He’s 18 and I’m 22! It’s certainly something we see in our future.”

Rhiannon will be on Home And Away until the end of the year, plus she’s also competing in the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars.

Source – The Top Ten

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