The X Factor Says Goodbye To Ronan's Omar Dean

jiordanWho will go home tonight? Will Ronan finally lose one of his boys – or will a judge end up without anyone to mentor? Nathaniel from The X Factor will debut his new single. James Blunt will also perform. The top 6 open with “We Come Running” from Youngblood Hawk.

Ronan realises that the odds are stacked against him tonight and thinks one of his boys will probably be in the bottom two – he says he’s just being realsitic he says. Dannii isn’t even that confident with Dami – but wait there is breaking news that in three weeks time that ONE DIRECTION will perform at the Grand Final this year – their only TV appearance.

We see the contestants visit The Prince Of Wales Children’s Hospital to meet the young cancer victims there. Nathaniel sings a song while I leave the room – am bored! Get back in time to hear that he will be doing a national tour with Jessica Mauboy.

The artist’s and their mentors hit The X Factor stage.

The first artist safe is – Taylor Hendersen. He was very good last night. The second act through is – Dami, well she had to be, her and her flying saucer are just brilliant!

Third is Jai – I picked him as bottom two, but the tweens reign supreme. Third D3gree, Omar and Jiordan are left and the act safe is (Third D3gree I say) – Yep! It’s them, leaving Ronan’s Omar and Foo’s Jiordan. Out of these two I think Omar should be safe, we will see how it goes with their performance.

Omar Dean, Ronan says is the nicest guy and he sings The Fray’s “You Found Me” – this will be hard for me as is one of my faves as is from Grey’s Anatomy. Okay not hard at all – I hate it. Has none of the passion and hopelessness of the original. See ya Omar!

Jiordan Tully is singing Stay by Rihanna (the crowd love that choice).  She kills it! Catwoman has to be safe!

Ronan – Great performance Jiordan – Omar, we knew one of us would be bottom two and each week you have been a SUPERSTAR – I’m sending Jiordan home
Redfoo – Omar is definitely one of the nicest dudes in this whole competition and I think he has grown a lot. Jiordan Tolli, Oh My Golly – that was my personal favourite performance of yours and was a 10! I’m sending Omar home.Natalie – This is the best top 6 we have ever had. I’m sending   home.
Natalie – This is the best top 6 we have had but the act I am sending home is Omar.
Dannii – Amazing show last night and I loved you both tonight. Both showed who you are. We are so proud of you but tonight I am sending home is Jiordan.

DEAD LOCKED – NOOO – I have my pics all done for Omar to go home and this will mean he stays due to the female vote – DAMN YOU DANNII! Oh MY! Woo hoo.

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