The X Factor Top 5 Do Aussie Song Week

ausssie flagTonight the X Factor Top 5 perform Aussie songs. Redfoo is wearing a coool Aussie jacket but it’s the new superstar Dami who will open the show!

Dami Im – John Farnham’s “Your The Voice”
Redfoo has said if she messes this up people will go crazy! She lookks like she has come off a spaceship this time. She of course nails it, but I must say is not my favourite performance at all, of hers. The crowd love it though and I’m no singer! Redfoo and Dannii give her a standing ovation.
Ronan – Great song choice, but I saw cracks starting to show. It was pitchy and a weak performance.Your a superstar but I have to stand by what I hear.
Dannii – It must be so hard to work so hard to get a standing ovation each week and then get a half one. You have delivered since week one but there were weak moments.
Redfoo – What a wonderful way to kick off the show, you had so much energy and it was anthemish.
Natalie – Ronan’s right, usually your flawless and it’s your second language. Just keep on shining.

VOTE DAMI! She can’t leave over one performance!

Jiordan Tolli – “Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye
I hate this song – but 13 million people bought it! OK – the song REALLY suits her and is probably the best song she has sung that she has had. Great job love! Only Redfoo and Dannii stand again.
Ronan – On paperwork great song choice but it exposed some things. You didn’t take us on a journey like the original.
Dannii – So what if it’s a duet – you sounded great. I loved it.
Redfoo – This is one of your best performances. You are a true artist. The emotion was there.
Natalie – It’s a hard song to sing and a great song to sing and you sounded pure and that is what I want Jiordan to sound like. BEAUTIFUL!

Jai Waetford – Bird’s of Tokyo’s “Plans”
Ronan – You worked so hard this week and gave it 100%
Dannii – I would not have chosen that, but I loved it. A really good song choice.
Redfoo – If you look at all your performances, your really solid. It was good and solid.
Natalie – You stepped up and are as good as people older than you – I loved it.

Third D3gree – Guy Sebastian’s “Battlescars”
Ronan – I think you were on 80%. The rapping was unbelieveable though.
Dannii – Bit weird not to be more upbeat but was fantastic.
Redfoo – I am confused. I liked it but why wasn’t I moved? There were some great moments but some OK moments.
Natalie – I disagree, I though the passion was there. I thought the vocals were beautiful.

They can go.

Taylor Henderson – Auggie March’s “One Crowded Hour”
Average song sung well. HUGE standing O.
Ronan – You doubt yourself and it eats me up because you are so talented. I loved every minute of it.
Dannii – Amazing performance, you’ve grown and my gosh there will be a party in Ronans room tonight.
Redfoo – Your timing was perfect. You nailes it, The charisma was there – I loved it. It was the best of the series for you.
Natalie – You are heaven to listen to and your interpretation was beautiful and I loved it.


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