Home and Away 2014 - January 27 to 30th

Home-and-Away-BombThis week on HOME AND AWAY:

Monday, January 27
In the aftermath of the explosion, Heath, Bianca, Ricky, Nate and Irene lie unconscious on the floor. Who won’t survive?
Kyle wakes to find himself trapped in the shipping container with the twins.
Will Zac figure out that the twins are in trouble in time to save their lives?
What has happened to Harvey and how did he get back?

Tuesday, January 28
It’s a race against time as Zac, Hannah, Tamara and Casey work together to rescue Kyle and the twins.
As people are taken to the city for treatment, Summer Bay is left to question who is behind the explosion.
Alf gets the truth of Harvey’s ordeal.

Wednesday, January 29
Montgomery is caught out, but will someone take justice into their own hands?
Leah follows her suspicions and asks Matt for the truth about Montgomery.
Maddy, Josh, Spencer and Sasha play a revealing game of truth or dare. They learn a lot about each other, but will they like what they discover?
Roo and Harvey struggle to navigate their relationship now that Harvey is a changed man.

Thursday, January 30 (DOUBLE EPISODE)
Hannah and Zac get caught kissing by the twins. How will they take their relationship?
Josh wants his brother back in his life, but Maddy’s not sure she can forgive Andy.
Spencer’s romantic evening with Sasha doesn’t go according to plan.
Spencer is upset that his romantic evening with Sasha backfired after she accidently kissed Chris.
Marilyn and John are divided on the nature of a kiss, leading Marilyn to make a mistake which could tear them apart.
The residents of Summer Bay are back at the hospital when a resident suddenly collapses at home.

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  • Loz

    I’m betting that it’s Ethan that dies.

    • Gill

      It;s not Ethan. He’s doesn’t live in Summer Bay. It’s a favourite character who dies. Ethan is not a favourite character. The death is not related to the bomb explosion.

      • Loz

        Well I can’t see who else it will be as heath, Ricky, Bianca all go to London. Irene has signed a three year contract. nate has been seen filming so has the twins and Kyle. remember that when the storm was around they said a fave will die too and it was just teagan. Ethan wasn’t involved in thebomb. Promos can be misleading.

      • Loz

        I called it! Ethan died.