Mid Year Update - Eleven: Best Multi Channel in Australia

11Throng has picked Eleven has the best multi channel in Australia for its unique on air look and graphics, for its broad range of programming and for its fresh and up to date scheduling.

Eleven is of course home to the iconic series Neighbours celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and providing Australians with a real Australian option to watch the multi channels. Eleven is also home to the Australian made Couch Time and The Loop.

In terms of scheduling, it has been fantastic to see the channel fast track some series including the popular Supernatural, American Idol and the dance reality series of So You Think You Can Dance which is airing on Friday nights. Eleven has either shown or is currently showing the most recent seasons of The Simpsons, Glee, Bob’s Burgers, The Witches of East End, Californication, American Horror Story and Sleepy Hollow.

Eleven is also screening the final season of Dexter, which due to rights issues, could not screen until its completion on Foxtel. The channel will also be airing the final season of Nurse Jackie in this second half of the year.

It seems the channel is set to evolve with the already ended or coming to an end series of Glee, Californication, Wilfred, Witches of East End, 90210, Dexter and American Idol all cancelled in America. This hopefully will allow the channel to be the freshest and most unique and up to date channel in Australia moving forward into 2016 with a new mix of shows set to join the line-up.

Dating Naked and new American Horror Story are set to return in the coming months.

With all this fast tracking and fresh content in the line-up, just three shows remain MIA. The popular comedy New Girl has finished its latest season in America, yet has not even begun on Eleven. Viewers are awaiting its return. As mentioned previously, Nurse Jackie aired its final season this year in America with the final episode airing June 28th, yet Eleven does not have the season scheduled at all. Finally, it was disappointing that Eleven pulled the last work of the late Robin Williams from the line-up. His comedy, The Crazy Ones was yanked from the schedule after 4 episodes with no air date for the remaining episodes.

I am sure these three shows will be scheduled soon. Aside from this, this multi channel offers reality, drama, comedy, sitcoms, animation and is generally up to date with America, which is particularly important considering the demographic it targets may find the shows else where. The channel is very distinctive from its primary channel, is bold, fresh and unique and holds the trophy of best multi channel in Australia according to Throng.

Note: Network Ten were invited to be part of this story, list their achievements and provide information on upcoming titles and answers to the three MIA shows, but despite the great accolades the channel has received from this story, Ten have decided not to participate.

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