Amendment - Update: NCIS New Orleans, Scorpion, All Star Family Feud, Long Lost Family Moved: Bondi Rescue Out: Territory Cops

Bondi Rescue Season 11- (L-R Chris Emery, Dean Gladstone, Max Ayshford, Anthony Carroll, Ryan Yerbury, Bruce Hopkins and Jackson DoolanWith MasterChef Australia starting on Sunday 1st May at 7:30pm, Ten has made the following schedule changes:

The People v O.J Simpson

There will be a double episode season finale on Sunday April 24th at 9:30pm

All Star Family Feud

Episode 7 will as scheduled on Monday 25 April at 7:30pm. Episode 8 (season final) will air Wednesday 27 April at 7:30pm.

Bondi Rescue

Episode 10 will air as usual on Tuesday 26 April at 7:30pm. Episode 11 will air on Sunday 1st May at 9pm. There will be two more episodes left to screen.

Madam Secretary

Will air episode 20 on Wednesday 27 April at 8:30pm, but will then go on a 2 week hiatus, returning later in May for the final 3 episodes of the season.


The show moves to Saturdays starting April 30th at 7:30pm with the first part of a two part episode. The second part will air the following Saturday.

Long Lost Family

No episode will on Wednesday 27 April. The show will return on Wednesday 4 May at the new time of 8:30pm. This will be the first of the final 2 episodes.

NCIS: New Orleans

The second part of a two part crossover episode will air as NCIS: New Orleans on Sunday May 1st at 9:30pm but will air ONLY in Adelaide and Perth. This episode will air in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne at 10pm on Sunday 8 May. That is a long time after the first part has aired and makes no sense.

Territory Cops

Is out of the schedule after the episode of 26 April.

Wrap Up

Some of these changes make a lot of sense such as wrapping up The People v O.J Simpson early this weekend, Scorpion making a time slot change and Bondi Rescue moving to Sundays to play out.

However, Ten’s decision to air the NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans crossover episodes so far apart is both perplexing and a major loss for viewers. Ten should have screened Part 1 as NCIS in its usual slot of Tuesday 8:30pm, but then air the second part as NCIS: New Orleans the same night at 9:30pm, to create an event for viewers. Viewers waiting either 11 days or 18 days depending on the market is unacceptable.

Long Lost Family should have aired in its original slot next Wednesday 27 April at 7:30pm, with Ten displacing Modern Family repeats on Thursday night to air the season final of All Star Family Feud. This would have displaced Madam Secretary for one week only.

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  • Johnson Leung

    I agree with you on NCIS crossover with NCIS: New Orleans. I hope the two episodes will be repeated on the same night on One in the not distant future, or on the main channel (also on the same night) towards the end of the year.

    • Aaron Ryan

      That would be great. They could also air the two episodes back to back Friday night after The Graham Norton Show on May 13th as an encore.