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In an Australian first, ABC News 24 is integrating the channel’s live news and other programs into YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, so viewers can watch live news within their favourite social network.  It means users no longer need to leave these platforms to access the live ABC News 24 stream online.

From today, ABC News 24 can be watched live within YouTube, Facebook and Twitter with ‘YouTube live streaming’ at:

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It is with sadness that ABC TV announces that Colin Campbell, a much-loved Gardening Australia presenter, passed away this morning at age 78 after a short battle with cancer.

Colin was an original member of the Gardening Australia family and began presenting for the program during its first year on air in 1990. With his abundant warmth and enthusiasm, Colin inspired gardeners around the country for 23 years.

Costa Georgiadis, host of Gardening Australia, said: “Colin was a down to earth passionate gardener and environmental champion, but also an enthusiastic family and community building leader. The Gardening Australia family will miss him and remember his warmth, humour and endless energy.” Continue reading »

Monday, June 11 at 9.35pm (AEST) on ABC1 and ABC News 24

Q&A host Tony Jones will next week sit down with sole panellist – Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

Viewers at home and the live studio audience will have the opportunity to have their questions answered directly by the Prime Minister – live, unscripted and unedited.

As always, Q&A will look to the audience to ask the questions and expect to cover a wide range of issues across the national agenda.

Monday 4 June at 8.30pm on ABC1

In the 2010 program “Smugglers’ Paradise” Four Corners exposed the people smugglers operating out of Indonesia. Now reporter Sarah Ferguson tells how those same individuals were involved in the death of 97 people at sea.

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd called people smugglers “the scum of the earth”. This program reveals how many of them have made their way to Australia posing as asylum seekers and have persuaded the government to grant them refugee status and residency. Now they ply their lucrative and sometimes lethal trade, whilst living on taxpayers’ money.

What Four Corners discovers is shocking and calls into question the entire refugee assessment process.

How did they get here and how can they operate their criminal network with impunity right under the nose of police and immigration authorities?

ABC offers comprehensive multiplatform coverage in celebration of Her Majesty’s 60 year reign.

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Monday, June 4 at 9.35pm (AEST) on ABC1 and ABC News 24

Next week Q&A and Tony Jones head to South East Queensland’s Garden City, Toowoomba, for its biggest Q&A show ever.
1300 audience members will pack Toowoomba’s Empire Theatre to see:
– Simon Crean – Federal Minister for Regional Australia and the Arts;
– Barnaby Joyce – Queensland Senator and Shadow Federal Minister for Regional Development;
– Christine Milne – Newly elected leader of the Greens;
– Jeremy Marou – Torres Strait Islands musician and grand nephew of Eddie Mabo

As always, Q&A will look to the audience to ask the questions and expect to cover a wide range of issues across the national agenda.

The groundbreaking television drama series, Redfern Now, went into production in Sydney last week.

Produced by Blackfella Films (Mabo, First Australians) the 6×1 hr series, to screen on ABC1, is a collaboration between some of Australia’s most celebrated creatives.

Directed by Rachel Perkins (Mabo, Bran Nue Dae) and Catriona McKenzie (Satellite Boy), and Wayne Blair (The Sapphires, Wish You Were Here) and Leah Purcell (Somersault, Jindabyne, Lantana) both starring in and directing one of the stories. Continue reading »


It’s been described as the boom that keeps on giving – an export bonanza that will help Australia ride through a world-wide economic downturn. Across the country, workers have left their jobs to make big money in the mining industry. In the rush to exploit the country’s natural resources employers have all but set aside the idea of building or expanding communities. Instead they pay big wages to fly-in, fly-out or drive-in, drive-out workers, encouraging them to work long shifts, leaving them with little reason to become part of the local community.

This week, reporter Andrew Fowler looks at the impact of this rush to riches. Taking the cameras into Moranbah, in the heart of Queensland’s Bowen Basin, he visits locals that can’t get medical treatment, the families who say they are frightened to go out on the streets at night because of violence and he finds out why businesses are closing down.

The local businesses that do benefit from the boom are hotels, motels and real estate agents as house prices and rents skyrocket.

Things have become so bad in Moranbah that local residents voted the council out and gave the new mayor a mandate to rehabilitate the town. The question is, what can a local government do in the face of multi-billion dollar developments that are delivering State and Federal governments a massive boom in revenue? Can towns like this be saved?

“Towns are at risk, I think, of losing their identity and I think it’s emblematic of a number of mining towns across Australia. It’s turning from a proud self-contained community into a hotel town.” – Bernard Salt, Demographer

‘Casualties of the Boom’, reported by Andrew Fowler and presented by Kerry O’Brien, goes to air on Monday 28th May at 8.30pm on ABC1. It is replayed on Tuesday 29th May at 11.35pm. It can also be seen on Saturday at 8.00pm on ABC News 24, ABC iview and at

Monday 21 May at 8.30pm on ABC1

Next Monday on Four Corners, ‘Madeleine McCann: The Last Hope’. It was a disappearance that made international headlines and raised tensions between Britain and Portugal. Now comes the story of the new police investigation that some hope might finally explain what really happened to three year old Madeleine. Did she wander off? Was she stolen? If she was taken, was it by an organised child trafficking ring?

Five years ago Madeleine McCann disappeared from a family holiday apartment in the Algarve, Portugal. This little girl, who would now be eight, has never been found. Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, are adamant that their daughter was abducted. Portuguese police viewed the parents with suspicion. At the same time British crime experts claim the Portuguese police investigation was compromised by their failure to secure the crime scene and a lack of follow through in tracking down witnesses and suspects.

Early last year Madeleine’s parents persuaded British Prime Minister David Cameron to order a review of the case. This new investigation, by a top unit of the Metropolitan Police, has combed through thousands of documents and cost British taxpayers millions of dollars. Is it now the last chance of discovering what happened? For the first time, the senior UK investigator tells BBC Panorama how he is working collaboratively with Portuguese police and explains why he believes he has the best opportunity yet to help solve the mystery of Madeleine McCann.

Meanwhile, the reopening of this sensational cold case has raised new questions. Why did David Cameron order the investigation? What role did News International have in his decision and are the Portuguese police really co-operating with their British counterparts?

‘Madeleine McCann: the Last Hope’, reported by Richard Bilton and presented by Kerry O’Brien, goes to air on Monday 21st May at 8.30pm on ABC1. It is replayed on Tuesday 22nd May at 11.35pm. It can also be seen on Saturday at 8.00pm on ABC News 24, on ABC iview and at

Monday, May 21 at 9.35pm (AEST) on ABC1 and ABC News 24

Next week Tony Jones will be joined on the Q&A panel by a range of international and Australian writers to celebrate the 15th year of the Sydney Writers’ Festival.

Joining Tony on the panel will be:
Jeffrey Eugenides – Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Middlesex, The Virgin Suicides and The Marriage Plot
Kathy Lette – Exuberant Australian ex-pat and author
Glenn Carle – Former CIA interrogator turned writer
Greg Sheridan – Foreign Affairs Editor The Australian
Masha Gessen – Russian author and gay activist
As always, Q&A will look to the audience to ask the questions and expect to cover a wide range of issues across the national agenda.