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7:25pm – Sunday, January 20 on ABC3

ABC3’s sci-fi threeps will love this new double trouble line-up on Sundays from January 20. From super powers to super evil, fans can relive their fave episodes of Tower Prep and Demons on Sunday nights from 7.25pm.

Tower Prep: Episode One: New Kid: Sunday, January 20 at 7.25pm After getting into a fight at school, Ian Archer (Drew Van Acker) wakes up in a mysterious prep school with no idea how he got there. He is told by the school’s principal, Head Master, that he has been brought there to reach his unique potential through ‘The Program’ and that all the students at Tower Prep possess unique abilities.

Ian tries to adjust to his strange new life but after receiving an anonymous note in class saying, ‘I’m Scared Too’, he decides to escape. Making a break for the woods, Ian comes face to face with The Gnomes – mysterious beings who patrol the school grounds. While fleeing the Gnomes, Ian runs into three other students also looking for an escape – Gabe Forrest (Ryan Pinkston, Hannah Montana), CJ Ward (Elise Gatien, Smallville) and Suki Sato (Dyanna Liu, Rita Rocks).

Demons: Episode one: They Bite: Sunday, January 20 at 8.05pm Thrip (Mackenzie Crook) kidnaps the unsuspecting Ruby, Luke’s (Christian Cooke) best friend, and uses her as bait to lure the young Van Helsing to a disused warehouse. Once there Luke is set upon by a gang of hoodies, vicious hyena-like creatures, nicknamed Noisy Boys. He defeats the menacing half-lives only to come face to face with their master – Thrip. Despite Luke’s natural fighting ability, Thrip proves to be too powerful. Will Galvin (Philip Glenister) and Mina (Zoe Tapper) arrive in time to help Luke?

8:45am – Saturday, January 26 on ABC3

Australia Day is just around the corner and for the ABC3 presenters this can mean only one thing – it’s Smackdown time.

Beach Soccer is the sport for 2013 and this year it’s a surprise for everyone when they discover the teams are going to be boys versus girls. Nothing goes to plan – the girls have trouble playing as a team while the boys formulate an elaborate plan to cheat using a butterfly net, a gazebo and a magical meteor from outer space.

Featuring an all-star cast from popular ABC3 shows, Studio 3 (Kayne, Amberley, James, Liv, Kaled), Prank Patrol (Scotty Tweedie), Stay Tuned (Joel and Nicole) and Good Game SP (Hex and Bajo), the ABC3 Beach Soccer Smackdown will be the ultimate test of endurance, deceit and sandcastle building.

Will the girls figure out how to work together? Will the boys learn that cheating doesn’t pay? Who will be the better goalie between James and Liv? Will Amberley ever be able to tell Scotty that she likes him? Will Bajo trigger another ridiculously massive explosion? Find out during the ultimate battle of the sexes at the ABC3 Australia Day Beach Soccer Smackdown.

The ABC3 Beach Soccer Smackdown! will be repeated on Saturday, January 26 @ 1.45pm and 7.10pm.

The Smackdown will also be available on the ABC3 Watch Now website –

3:35pm – Wednesday, January 16 on ABC3

Mates Brandon Walters (Australia) and ABC3’s Kayne Tremills return to ABC3 with an encore screening of their action-packed series, Bushwhacked.

From chasing down dangerous spiders, killer sharks and venomous snakes, as well as friendly penguins and loveable turtles, the boys are constantly kept on their toes as Brandon sets Kayne amazing missions to complete during each episode.

Along the way the mates meet wildlife experts and Indigenous communities who help them achieve their mission. They get involved in Indigenous rites and ceremonies, such as traditional smoking ceremonies and totem dances, try local bush tucker and learn about bush medicine.

Episode One- Great White Sharks: Wednesday, January 16 at 3:35pm Kayne soon discovers that riding a remote control skateboard in the South Australian bush is the easiest part of his first mission as Brandon has set him a nerve-racking challenge – to go diving with Great White Sharks! And as sharks are attracted to noise, Kayne has to beat box while underwater to lure one in. Will Kayne complete the mission or will he chicken out.

Plus the boys meet shark attack survivor Rodney Fox, a Barngaria Aboriginal elder and get up close and personal with kangaroos, emus and sea lions.

5:10pm – Monday, January 14 on ABC3

What’s Up, Warthogs! returns to ABC3 with a new series.

Arch-rivals Eric (Tiago Abreu) and Victoria (Karissa Lee Staples) begrudgingly team up to save the on-air announcements at West Hill High from returning to the ‘boringpalooza’ show of the past. Add Eric’s off beat, camera shy, best friend Charlie (Ed Witzke) and twelve-year-old genius, Laney (Ana Golja), plus the help of guest reporters and user-generated content, to equal a show that puts the students in charge. Together, the crew shares adventures, laughs and the unlikeliest of friendships as they create an awesome show that becomes a bright spot during the monotony of high school.

Episode 1: Inauguration Complication: Monday, January 14 at 5.10pm Teddy packs Victoria’s Vice President schedule, leaving her with little time for ‘What’s Up, Warthogs!’ Eric runs auditions to replace Victoria, but finds that none of the candidates is quite right.

Victoria returns to the show having set up a website that helps her manage her time between her Vice Presidency and ‘What’s Up, Warthogs!’.

Meanwhile, Charlie is unsuccessful in his attempts to get Teddy abducted by aliens.

7:55am – Tuesday, January 15 on ABC3

The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange (30 x 11 minutes) From prehistoric era to colonial times, Orange and the rest of the crew are dropped into random adventures and forced to squeeze their way out. Joining Orange on his escapades are his friends from the web series including Pear, Passion Fruit, Apple, Marshmallow and his nemesis Grapefruit.

The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange is a combination of live-action RED Camera footage, graphics, and animation. Dane Boedigheimer is the voice of Orange as well as several other characters.

Joining him are Felicia Day (Clash of the Titans), Harland Williams (Dumb and Dumber), Phil LaMarr (Family Guy), and cameo appearances by William Shatner and James Caan.

Ep 1: Welcome to My Fruitmare – Tuesday, January 15 at 7.55am Orange is haunted by dreams of Teddy Juicer – the monster who juices fruit from the inside while they sleep! It’s up to Orange to keep everyone on the fruit cart awake, but when his plan fails, he must dive back into dreamland. Can Orange confront his biggest nightmare in time to save his friends.

Ep 2: Veggie Zombies – Wednesday, January 16 at 7.55am Orange finds a cure for his giggle-chuckle-itis, but when zombified vegetables try to suck the life out of him and his juicy friends, they learn a mortal lesson: don’t underestimate the power of an annoying laugh!

6:30pm – Monday, January 14 on ABC3

Australia’s favourite prankster, Scotty Tweedie, and the prank-loving ninjas are back with explosive new episodes Prank Patrol Road Trip (26 x 25″). They’ve kitted out the Spyvan and are on a mission to prank as many Aussie kids in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth as possible.

Ramping it up, Prank Patrol Road Trip features 15 original Aussie pranks using local experts and set at iconic locations and landmarks. There are also new segments which include Scotty’s camper logs where he documents his journey, and the ninjas will be let loose to pull off their own pranks on an unsuspecting Australian public.

The series still boasts its trademark format points – the meet and greet in the Spyvan, building the prank with the best experts in town, Recipe for a Prank animation, and of course the ultimate pranks of a lifetime.

Episode 15: Spelling Spin Out – Monday, January 14 at 6:30pm Our pranksters Hannah and Verity are out to prank their two grade 5 school classes into believing they are geniuses when they tackle the school spelling bee. The girls are going to be so good at spelling, maths and general knowledge they are going to be tested on a special skill…magic! Will their school mates really believe they are true geniuses? What about when Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard turns up to reward the girls?

5:35pm – Thursday, December 27 on ABC3

The outrageous live-action comedy adventure series, The Aquabats! Super Show, returns to ABC3 for an encore screening.

The Aquabats! – M.C. Bat Commander (Christian Jacobs), Crash McLarson (Chad Larson), Ricky Fitness (Richard Falomir), Eaglebones FalconHawk (Ian Fowles) and Jimmy the Robot (James R. Briggs JR) – travel the land in their trusty, super custom tour vehicle, the BattleTram, trying to combat the powers of EVIL in their never-ending quest to destroy boredom and seek justice for all.

Each episode features a new villain, a mix of animation sequences, television commercial parodies, and live concert footage.

The Aquabats! have released 5 albums since their musical debut in 1994, and this television series is the latest instalment in their ongoing adventures.

Episode one: Meet Manant! – Thursday, December 27 at 5.35pm The Aquabats set out in search of Manant (Mr. Lawrence AKA Plankton from SpongeBob SquarePants), a half-man, half-ant menace who is destroying fast food restaurants all around town.

Arriving at the Tiny Burgers restaurant, the Aquabats come across Manant’s goons. After battling the goons, the Aquabats realise the fight was a diversion – Manant’s real target was Crash! They discover that Manant plans to grow an army of giant ants using the grow juice that makes Crash grow giant sized.

4:00pm – Monday, December 24 on ABC3

ABC3 has gone Christmas crazy and is screening Christmas-themed episodes of all your favourite shows this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Kicking off Christmas Eve at 4pm is Casper’s Scare School, followed by Rated A For Awesome, Monk, Life With Boys, Dani’s House, Horrible Histories, My Life as A Popat and much more.

PLUS there’s the premiere of My Friend Bernard at 7pm.

Then if you’re up at 6am and waiting for the rest of the fam to wake up, turn on ABC3 for more Christmas-themed shows.

The Christmas Day line-up includes Bernard, Horrible Histories, Robbie The Reindeer: Close Encounters of the Herd Kind, Almost Naked Animals, The Twisted Whiskers Show, Shaun the Sheep, Oggy And The Cockroaches and much, much more!

7:00pm – Monday, December 24 on ABC3

Settle in on Christmas Eve and watch the premiere of My Friend Bernard, a 70 minute special which follows Sam, a shy boy who’s afraid of almost everything! He’s afraid of those strange shadows in his room at night, that noisy street he has to cross on the way to the school, and the small fierce dog that stole his teddy bear. It all seems too dangerous for him.

One day a man dressed in a Santa suit gives Sam a magic pendant to help him be less shy and more brave! The magic pendant takes Sam to the ice world where he meets Bernard, a polar bear, who will help him lose any fear of flying, and face up to the worst monsters with comedy and humour.

During Sam’s adventure he also meets penguins Lloyd and Eva, and Zack the lizard.

5:35pm – Monday, December 10 on ABC3

Starring Dani Harmer, Dani’s House is back for a fifth and final series (13 x 28 minute), and sees Dani in lurve with new McHurties co-star hunk, Alex (Lewis Rainer)! But life is never that easy for our eponymous heroine.

Sure, her pain-in-the-butt brother Max (Sebastian Applewhite) is away on an international tour as a Grime star, but that doesn’t stop Ben (James Gandhi), Maisy (Millie Innes), and Dani’s self-reinvented cousin Megaboyd (Daniel Roach) creating mayhem and stopping Dani and her friends Jack (Darragh Mortell) and Ruby (Steff White) having fun.

Episode 5: B System – Monday, December 10 at 5.35pm Jack loses his confidence before a top DJ’ing gig at an award ceremony where Dani is up for Best Hair. There is only one person who can boost him and it’s… Ben?! Meanwhile, Maisy is excited at the prospect of meeting her pop idol, Bamboo.